Advanced Video Analytics Platform

Make Sense of your Video Data

Kaltura’s Advanced Video Analytics Platform was designed with a single goal in mind: to help users make sense of their video data. From real-time, to live and VoD – across all products – our Advanced Video Analytics dashboards and tools provide users with more data, higher granularity, and greater insight into viewer behavior, content performance and delivery.  Get a clearer picture of your video story and how online meetings, virtual classrooms, live events or on-demand content can work better for you.

Look Beyond Plays

Access a breadth of data and a level of granularity that delivers greater analytical accuracy. See beyond simple playback to discover who your audience is, what engages them the most, and what content drives the most value — from account view and category performance, through a single entry across media types, to individual viewers and contributors.

Gain Insights, Take Action

Use filters, unique scoring and ranking, viewer-level heatmaps, and compare modes to visualize viewers’ choices and experiences across products. Which days are the most popular for videos? Is Monday the real hump day? Which sections within a video did viewers watch, skip or re-watch?  Which interactive video node was watched the most? Which Kaltura video tools are most used?

Advanced Video Analytics Platform

"Over time we've seen growing demand from customers for more data, higher granularity, and a greater appetite for using analytics as a tool for data-driven or data-informed decisions. Our approach to product development reflects just that”

Renan Gutman,  EVP Product, Kaltura

Knock Knock, Who's There?

Ever wonder if your live session audience is actually out there? With unique metrics that measure active engagement during live broadcasts, browser focus features that indicate participant engagement in Kaltura Meetings, Webinars or Virtual Classrooms, or instant notifications on your Kaltura Pitch video messages as soon as your video is watched — Kaltura’s Advanced Video Analytics platform tracks how engaged your live audience is so you know what’s happening in real-time.

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Monitor and Troubleshoot Your Live Events in Real Time

For high-stakes live events using Kaltura Townhalls, Kaltura’s Advanced Video Analytics platform offers producers access to real-time video analytics dashboards for tracking and analyzing Quality of Service (QoS) and engagement, as well as eCDN monitoring. Monitor upstream and downstream, discover congestion areas, identify bottlenecks and course correct in real-time.

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Learning Analytics

Tying video with other learner data gives instructors a 360 view of the impact of video on learning. Kaltura’s video quiz assessment tool integrates with all major LMS grading systems. In addition, Kaltura is a leader in open data standards.  Through our xAPI video analytics tool and our compliance certification with Caliper Analytics, instructors can tie data about video interactions—including live events, virtual classrooms, user engagement, and quiz results—to other learner data across platforms and systems, enabling deep analysis of learner engagement and performance.

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Capture the Bigger Picture

View your video analytics in the larger context of your organization’s data and KPIs. Import your data into your CMS, grading system or popular analytics platforms including Google Analytics, Tableau, Marketo, and Eloqua. Whether by integrating directly or exporting to CSV, video analytics can be combined with your other data sources so you get the full picture

Kaltura Advanced Video Analytics tools are available across all applications:

  • Kaltura Management Console

  • Kaltura MediaSpace Video Portal

  • Kaltura Meetings, Kaltura Virtual Classroom, Kaltura Webinars

  • Kaltura Pitch Video Messaging

  • Network delivery (eCDN)

  • Kaltura Management Console

    Kaltura Management Console

  • Kaltura MediaSpace Video Portal

    Kaltura MediaSpace Video Portal

  • Kaltura Meetings, Kaltura Virtual Classroom, Kaltura Webinars

    Kaltura Meetings, Kaltura Virtual Classroom, Kaltura Webinars

  • Kaltura Pitch Video Messaging

    Kaltura Pitch Video Messaging

  • Network delivery (eCDN)

    Network delivery (eCDN)

Key Features

  • More Data than Ever Before

    • Breadth of data that goes beyond simple playback

    • Granularity that lets you dig deeper and identify trends

    • Dedicated dashboards for audience analytics including engagement, content interactions, geo-location and devices, contributors, usage, and real-time analytics

    • Engagement analytics for Meetings, Virtual Classrooms and Webinars

    • Analytics on interactive videos including Video Quiz and Interactive Video Paths

    • Multi-layered view from the account level to category analytics, individual users and single entries

  • Actionable Insights

    • Data highlights and daily insights that tell a story

    • Advanced filtering and drill down options per user, geo-location, and devices

    • Unique scoring for top content, top contributors, and real-time viewer engagement that enables comparison of multiple metrics over time

    • Trend analysis and time period comparison that uncover seasonality

    • User-level heatmaps for insight into viewer’s experience and needs

    • Visualize drop-off rates with analytics shown with your player

  •  The Full-Picture

    • Support for open data standards such as xAPI and Caliper

    • Integrations with CMS, grading systems and marketing analytics

    • Single dashboard to Go Live, monitor and analyze Quality of Service (QoS) and Engagement during live events

    • Upstream and downstream in one view during live events

    • Post-event reporting and analysis to measure and optimize the ROI of live events