Video Solutions, Delivered.

Kaltura Professional Services can help you deliver any custom video experience. On time, on budget, and with the highest level of quality.

At Kaltura, we enable your company to power any video experience. Our Professional Services team can ensure a smooth integration of video into your IT ecosystem, assist with the successful adoption of video by your users, and provide hands-on expertise to support your operations.


Kaltura’s team provides training to your administrators and end-users, so they can hit the ground running. In addition to providing tailored programs for your specific video use case, our training specialists impart video best practices that help your team create high-quality, engaging videos.


Kaltura consultants are video experts, solution architects, and senior software developers. We can help your business design a video solution of any size, for any use case. Speak with us about your needs in Education, Enterprise, or Media and Telecom.

Custom Development

Kaltura’s Custom Development team delivers a range of software development services, including content migration, bespoke integrations, custom reports, and compliance services. We also provide end-to-end design, development, and delivery to get your video-powered idea from the whiteboard into the hands of your users.

On Premises Deployment

Kaltura’s System Engineering team works closely with clients who have self-hosted components, such as Kaltura OnPrem and eCDN products. Our architects and engineers work closely with your IT department to deploy video services within your organization’s unique requirements, including in your private cloud or using a hybrid approach. The team also provides procurement advisory services, security consulting, and assistance in optimizing video delivery.

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