Kaltura Customer Care

How can we help?

At Kaltura our customers come first. Regardless of your level of service, we want to ensure that you always have the best experience possible with our video solutions. We look forward to your ongoing feedback, and appreciate you being part of the Kaltura family!

Kaltura Knowledge Center and Forums

Search or browse through our huge source of information, the Kaltura Knowledge Center. With user guides, release notes, how-tos and FAQs, the Knowledge Center is an excellent place to learn more and get help using Kaltura’s video tools. You can also check out our Community Forums to submit a question and join in the discussion.

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Kaltura Learning Video Portal

Find answers to your most commonly asked questions with short, up-to-date “how to” video tutorials and courses for a variety of our applications, extensions and features. This is a great place to locate the latest self-learning resources, including information on frequently overlooked product features and best practices. It’s also the perfect place to get started with Kaltura.

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Kaltura Customer Care Portal

For paying customers, you can open a support ticket with our Customer Care Specialists via the portal, where you can keep track of all of your support requests, hear about Kaltura updates and more. You can also learn more in our Portal User Guide.

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Kaltura System Status

You can check the heath status of the different components of the Kaltura Video Platform on the System Status page. Our robust SaaS system is monitored 24×7, and the system status page is updated in real-time in the rare case of any issues.

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