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Out-of-the-box and into-the-LMS

First, we redesigned all our video tools and solutions to support modern teaching with hybrid, flexible and interactive options. Then, we made it fully integrated into all standard LMSs and VLEs. Now you can have a full layer of video at your fingertips without leaving the LMS.

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Learn forward experiences

Bring into play and to the LMS all the ways modern education takes place — remote, in-person, or hybrid. Flipped classrooms, formal lectures, or instructional videos will all be available to create and watch.

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Everyone’s creating content now

Upload a video, take a new one with the Personal Capture tool, launch a webcast. These are just a few ways to create content with Kaltura so there’s nothing stopping creativity.

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Teach outside the box

All that content will fit right in course galleries, personal spaces, and shared repositories, where it’ll be super easy to look for. Interactive tools like video quizzes, branched videos, and hotspots will see to it that students are in absorbing mode.

Equal opportunity for education

Inclusion should be by design, not a challenge. Hence, our products adhere to 508, CVAA, and WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards. So we’re clear, there are transcriptions, translations, audio descriptions, automatic chaptering, and more, to ensure everyone can enjoy.

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Is the class half empty or half full?

So that no one gets left behind, granular analytics on viewership will fill you in on learner behavior and engagement with coursework. Need it more granular? There’s user-level heatmaps, comparative analysis, and support for xAPI and Caliper Analytics.

Love of learning built-in

Kaltura is an early adopter of the LTI standard. We’re also the first video platform to support LTI 1.3 and be certified for both LTI Advantage and Caliper 1.2. So, when you partner with us, you also actively support openness and collaboration in education. Thanks in advance!

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Powerful features to change the world with

Create resources
Share knowledge
Build skills
Improve learning

Direct content management

Organize content into personal or faculty media repositories, course galleries, and playlists

Creation tools

Upload videos from your personal files, internal libraries, or YouTube. Don’t worry, lecture recordings upload automatically

Editing tools

Don’t go anywhere to trim your video, clip, or create thumbnails. We have these and more tools built-in

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