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Single admin

Unlimited webinars

Unlimited registrants

Unlimited session participants

500 active participants and unlimited number of viewers

Unlimited moderators and speakers

Branded landing page and on-demand site

Marketing automation integration

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Everything in Starter and

Interactive, pre-recorded, VOD, or live webinars

Multi-session events

Real-time and cross-event analytics

Team collaboration

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All webinar plans include

Branded site

Stand out with a customized landing page, interactive room, and VOD gated site

Chat, polls and confetti

And many other interactive tools to increase engagement

Automated recordings

Your webinar recording is uploaded to the microsite after it ends


Generate qualified leads with integrations like Marketo, Hubspot and more

Advanced analytics

Track your attendance and attendee focus rates, with single or cross-webinar data

Moderator control

Insert chat questions, pin messages or bring attendees to the stage

Plans include Starter Start free trial Custom Let's talk
No. of webinars
No. of registrants
Contact us for a custom offer
Session participants
No. of sessions
In each webinar/ event
Single session
Interactive session
Pre-recorded session
Live broadcast
VOD session
Branded site
Landing page
Group chat
1:1 chat
Q&A chat
Moderator control
Crowd reactions
Make your attendees' screens sparkle with confetti
Bring to stage
Email templates
Attendees can gain points according to your set of rules
Award badges to your attendees
Video quizzes
Add a quiz to your video to test your audience's knowledge and maximize engagement rates
Interactive video
Choose your own adventure
Support package
Tailor-made event templates
We will work with you to create tailored templates for your event programs
Custom domain
API access
Content recommendations
Live captions
Sponsors booths
Community hub
Accepted payment methods
30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied, no worries, you’ll get your money back

Safe & secure payment

Your payment information is protected by enterprise-grade security

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All plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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Kaltura Webinars provides a larger interactive solution, making it more engaging for attendees. It also provides a way for us to use our learning modules as thought leadership or posts on social media. And it’s all hosted in one place. Kaltura Webinars completely changed the way we view learning.

Melanie Crowsey

Digital Media Producer, Thomson Reuters

Over 50,000 organizations worldwide rely on the Kaltura video experience cloud

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Frequently asked questions

What is Kaltura Webinars?

Kaltura Webinars pushes the boundaries of the traditional webinar, designed with marketers in mind. An all-in-one solution for easily creating, managing, tracking, and automating your annual webinar plan while showcasing your brand and giving you the tools to stay truely memorable.

What is the webinar landing page?

Each time you create a webinar, you automatically generate its landing page. This page can be embeded anywhere, and help you promote your webinar. It contains your agenda, speakers bio and additional content.

What kind of support does Kaltura offer?

Kaltura offers resources such as online documentation, learning site, developer documentation, and chat support.

What is the webinar minisite?

The minisite is generated automatically once creating your webinar. Attendees can register and enter the site to participate in your webinar. When it ends, an automated session recording is uploaded to that site for reuse.

How can I moderate my webinars?

You can assign moderators in addition to your speakers. The moderators will have access to the advanced moderated Q&A chat, and will be able to manage the questions queue and assign questions to other moderators with ease.

Is there a free plan for Kaltura Webinars?

14 days