The Big Picture Video Strategy (and How to Get It Adopted)

The Big Picture Video Strategy (and How to Get It Adopted) Speakers: Mandy Bickerman – CIO Social Enterprise Capability Lead, Accenture Philippe Kahn – IT Technology Manager, SAP Faisal Ijaz – Associate Director, KPMG China Hannes Richter, PhD – Digital Workplace Site Lead, Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research Moderator: Michal Tsur – Co-founder, President & General Manager, Kaltura Start off the Communications and Collaboration track with a look at the big picture. Why are we using video for communications and collaboration in the first place? Join several major companies who are using video across their organizations, for multiple use cases, to help tie their communities together. How did they create a video strategy that could sustain multiple uses in ways that made sense? What are some of the benefits—and lessons—that they’ve seen? How did they roll out their strategies and foster adoption to grow into the video powerhouses they are today? Find out some key insights that will help take video use at your organization to the next level—and learn how to convince the rest of the company to get on board with your plan.