Kaltura Media Services

Add natively integrated VOD, Live Streaming, and Real-Time video experiences and workflows to your products.

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Yearly commit packages

Discounted pricing packages for any scale and use-case, enterprise SLA, and developer support.

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Build any video experience by purchasing our base plan and paying for what you use, or buy a package of discount credits.

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Everything video. Built by you.

For any use case

Live, VOD, and real-time communication APIs in one multi-tenant environment.

Simplified complexity

At scale ingestion, transcoding, packaging, and delivery, ready for playback on any device.

Management workflows

Support any workflow with custom metadata schemas, scheduling, access control, and granular permissions.

Fast track development

Proven experience components to simplify any integration and reduce time to market.

Advanced search

Search across all video content and metadata to pinpoint the exact time in the video.

Granular video analytics

Gain actionable insights on user engagement, content performance, and overall usage.

Annual credits


Annual payment

Base plan + Pay as you go


You will be charged $20 one-time annual fee + monthly usage fees

Based on your actual use
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Base plan + $500


$20 + $460

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Base plan + $6,000


$20 + $5,400

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Base plan + $12,000


$20 + $10,560

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Base plan + $24,000


$20 + $19,200

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Kaltura video services base units

License Component & Description

Unit Prices

Active unique IDs monthly (The number of unique user IDs who were active)

$0.55 / Unique ID

Managed content entries monthly (instances of KalturaBaseEntry objects)

$0.11 / Entry

Delivered video streams monthly (each time a video or audio started streaming)

$0.001 / Stream

Total GB of transcoded assets (the sum of all converted renditions)

$2.25 / Transcoding Output GB

Total GB of outbound bandwidth (no upload charges)

$0.17 / GB

Total GB of managed storage monthly

$0.25 / GB

Interactive branched video projects monthly

$50 / Project

License Component & Description

Unit ID

Live Streaming and Webcasting with up to 3 concurrent streams at 1080p HD (support for RTMP, RTSP and WebRTC ingest), including synchronised slides, live polls, moderated Q&A and live cue points

$1 / Live Viewer per Hour

Additional concurrent live streams, higher ingest quality (e.g. 4K) or video conferencing integration (SIP)

License Component & Description

Unit Price

Embedded virtual meeting rooms (white-labeled, browser-based real-time video room components for online events, virtual classrooms, webinars, and more)

$1 / Participant per Hour

Telephony minutes

$1 / Participant per Hour

License Component & Description

Unit Price

Automatic machine generated transcription speech-to-text (ASR)

Included for Managed Entries

Compliance with industry regulations and standards, including privacy, security, accessibility, and reliability. Read more

Kaltura Multi-tenant/Multi-account Console Admin Account

Provision, manage and monitor millions of sub-accounts via API.

Provide tools for resellers and OEM partners

  • Hierarchy based accounts management
  • Sub-Accounts provisioning and management
  • Account-templates (configs, data & integrations)
  • Manage credits, set allowance & monitor usage
  • Complete analytics and reports
  • Integrate usage tracking and billing
  • Tools for support; log searching & troubleshooting

Unlimited Sub-accounts and Kaltura Management Consoles (KMC)


Create, organize, store, edit and share any file type, text or binary including: images, videos, audio, documents, presentations, 3D objects, and more. With enterprise governance and reliability. All via API – the ultimate control and flexibility to deliver secure, engaging video experiences at any scale

  • Support for any media type
  • Manage custom metadata profiles
  • Search filters & automatic taxonomies
  • Media & video content-aware Transcoding
  • Real-time video packaging & storage optimization
  • Real-time analytics & reports
  • Setup flexible moderation workflows
  • On-the-fly Image transformations
  • Access control rules & content entitlements

Kaltura Video Experience Components

Cut time to market and launch enterprise grade video applications within weeks. A suite of easy to integrate and customizable video experience components for creation, editing, playback, engagement and analytics

  • HTML5 video player
  • Native mobile & TV video SDKs
  • Video editing tools
  • Video accessibility tools
  • Large files upload SDKs
  • Video capture & scheduling suite
  • Interactive video authoring
  • Kaltura applications framework
  • Self-broadcast webcasting producer app
  • WebRTC meetings/webinars tools

Community Support 


Silver, Gold and Platinum Enterprise Support Programs 

  • Strict SLAs
  • 24×7 first tier support
  • Omni-channel support (phone, email, Slack, etc.)
  • Access to expert developer support specialist
  • Designated support engineer
  • Designated customer success manager
  • Named contacts with access to support portal for case submission and tracking
  • Quarterly business review
  • Live events support coverage
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Kaltura brings a larger interactive solution. Everything is hosted in one place, a digital asset management system from which we host, send and curate our content. It has completely changed the way we view learning.

Melanie Crowsey

Digital Media Producer, Thomson Reuters

Over 50,000 organizations worldwide rely on Kaltura video cloud

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Frequently asked questions

What is Kaltura Media Services?

Media Services is Kaltura’s Video Platform As A Services (VPAAS), granting developers access to our Video Cloud APIs and developer tools to build video, audio, and image applications for your teams or your customers, using the same infrastructure as leading multinationals, but with your branding and workflows.

What are video services credits?

Consumption of Kaltura Video Services is based on the actual usage of applicable base units, as per the tables under “Kaltura Video Services Base Units” on this page. Discounted Kaltura Video Services annual $ credits are purchased in minimum annual buckets.

What is special about the Kaltura Video Player?

Kaltura’s html5 video player delivers beautiful video experiences to any device, over any internet connection. The Kaltura video player supports interactive storytelling, in-video quizzes, dual screen presentation, accessibility, ads, and 360 video/VR.