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Kaltura Announces its ‘Kaltura Video Summit for Education & Enterprise 2013’ Virtual Event

The Company will conduct its annual virtual summit online on June 12-13 with speakers from leading companies and educational institutions.

Kaltura, the leading open source video platform (, announced today its annual virtual summit – the Kaltura Video Summit for Education & Enterprise 2013. The event will take place online on June 12-13. Registration is free.

Kaltura Video Summit for Enterprise and Education 2013 is the most comprehensive event revolving around video communication, collaboration, teaching and learning. Following a very successful event in 2012, with more than 2,600 registrants, Kaltura has expanded the virtual summit to two days – each day focusing on a different industry: Wednesday, June 12 – Kaltura Education Video Summit and Thursday, June 13 – Kaltura Enterprise video Summit.

The Video Summit agenda includes speakers from leading universities and organizations, including Phillips, Cornell, Manchester Metropolitan University, Oracle, Zappos and many more.

Kaltura Video Summit provides today’s education and enterprise professionals with the most up-to-date knowledge on the benefits of using video to enrich education, and leverage video both inside the organization for knowledge sharing and increased productivity, and externally for marketing and communication.

“Anyone interested in the area of online video should attend this event to learn from others’ experience and get a chance to network with thousands of their peers,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO. “We have a superb lineup of expert speakers as well as leading technology providers in the exhibit hall – all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.”   

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Kaltura provides the world’s first Open Source Online Video Platform, transforming the way people work, learn, and entertain using online video. The Kaltura platform engages hundreds of millions of viewers by providing media companies advanced video management, publishing, and monetization tools that increase their reach and monetization and simplify their video operations. Kaltura improves productivity and interaction among millions of employees by providing enterprises powerful online video tools for boosting internal knowledge sharing, training, and collaboration, and for more effective marketing. Kaltura offers next generation learning for millions of students and teachers by providing educational institutions disruptive online video solutions for improved teaching, learning, and increased engagement across campuses and beyond.  Kaltura was recently recognized in Forbes as ‘one of the six fastest growing tech companies’, in VentureBeat as a ‘Next Billion Dollar Enterprise Tech Company’, in Business-Insider as ‘one of top 5 startups revolutionizing education’ and ‘one of 5 greatest open-source technologies for 2012’, and in Mashable as ‘one of top 5 social enterprise technologies for business’. For more information:, to join Kaltura’s community visit: and