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扩大您的影响范围和广播任何规模的活动,从田径比赛到客座讲座和校长简报。通过易于使用的制作人和主持人界面以及互动式最终用户体验,轻松创建可以传送到任何设备的有效、引人注目的网播。广播结束后,自动转换为 VOD 可确保您创建的内容会被观看者反复观看。借助 Kaltura 世界领先的网络直播平台,网播不再是一次性活动;它们形成一个可靠的平台,可以根据需要随时向您选择的任何受众传递信息,而不受任何限制。


利用云转码、DVR 控制和实时分析,将视频传送到任何设备。通过即时存档扩大活动价值。从少量活动扩展到全天候现场直播。从现场直播设置到广播,只需不到五分钟,即可在现场直播平台上轻松快速地创建新的实况活动。




    • Switch Q&A on and off at will, and synchronize on recording

    • Offer polls to keep viewers’ interest

  • Leverage Your Investment

    • Publish a single, persistent URL for accessing both live and VOD

    • Use slides and chapters to navigate the video and search for keywords

    • Seamlessly edit slides in the VOD even after the presentation is complete

  • Streamline Your Production

    • Present full-screen slides on large screen to in-person attendees while broadcasting to remote audiences

    • Automatically synch slides with video, no mixing necessary

    • Use existing permission sets to ensure secure access to events

  • Ensure Reliable Performance

    • Live analytics on performance and engagement

    • Monitoring dashboard to ensure smooth broadcast

    • eCDN and dual delivery for optimal bandwidth use

    • Enterprise grade with integration to Active Directory and more