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Why Choose Kaltura as Your Enterprise Video Cloud

Kaltura is the leading Video Cloud for companies around the world, providing a single solution to power ‘everything video’ from real-time, to live, to VOD video experiences. We know that while companies are using video for more purposes than ever before, you don’t want to have to learn (and pay for) half a dozen different platforms. That’s why we built Kaltura as an open flexible, and customizable platform that can be used across departments and use cases for all your video needs, for the present and future. Through our marketplace, you’ll find even more options available. This way, as you grow your use of video across the institution, you won’t have to keep finding new solutions.

Thousands of enterprises across all major industries, including over 20% of the Fortune 100, have chosen Kaltura as their trusted partner to power their every video need. Here are some of the reasons why companies choose Kaltura as their video cloud.

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Why choose Kaltura?

1. We’re the market leader for Enterprise Video.

For more than 12 years, Kaltura has led the market in innovation, from introducing revolutionary new technologies to providing the widest possible video support. Our advanced solution with its extensive configurations can be customized to address any specific video need, real-time, live or VOD, for internal or external use cases. Analysts have noticed. We were honored to receive the highest scores in all four use cases (Internal Executive Messaging, Internal Training, Internal Collaboration, and External Video for Sales) of the 2019 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Video Content Management. Kaltura was also positioned as a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management, based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.  This is the fifth time in a row that Kaltura has been cited as a Leader in this report.

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2. We support your meetings at any scale.

From 1:1 to unlimited audiences, Kaltura supports your online meetings, webinars, and virtual classrooms, all the way up to large scale townhalls and international conferences. Many of our customers come to us because their current delivery let them down. Kaltura’s robust webcasting, live and VOD delivery won’t embarrass you at the worst possible moment; our solutions help you shine, both internally and externally. A fully synchronized dual datacenter with regular backup ensures telco-grade availability. Whether you’re training clients like Thomson Reuters or hosting your internal multinational event like Oracle, Kaltura helps you create reliable, interactive events that work.



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3. We give you a single platform for all your video needs, from creating to watching real-time, live, and on-demand video.

With Kaltura, you can do everything video from one place. Launch a live meeting, create and view a webcasting event, search for best practices, record a demo, create a podcast, send a video email, take a training course, build an interactive marketing video – the possibilities are endless. We’ve created our own professional-grade tools that not only have very little learning curve, but are fun to use! (Check out our huge library of short, friendly help videos on all of our tools and services at https://learning.mediaspace.kaltura.com/.) Some key things you’ll be able to do:

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4. Our Advanced Analytics come built-in.

We’ve got the leading video analytics you need to make your video investment pay off, and it doesn’t cost extra. Kaltura’s detailed video analytics dashboards give actionable insights on engagement and video usage, so you can do everything from monitor your live broadcasts in real time to make data-driven content optimization decisions. You get cool stuff like user level heat-maps, compare mode, engagement, contribution and usage analytics. You also get the real-time analytics and eCDN Monitoring dashboards you need to make sure your live events are a success.


Our analytics are integrated with xAPI and can easily feed into Open LRS, Watershed LRS, and any other open standards-based LRS. Major companies today like Halliburton rely on Kaltura video analytics to drive their video decisions.


5. Security matters to you, and it matters to us.

Our enterprise video platform is truly enterprise-grade. Kaltura works across industries and regions in which specific security standards, laws, and protocols are mandated.  In addition, we follow generally accepted industry best practices for securing video content that meet our customers’ needs.


Specify exactly who can access what, leveraging your existing Active Directory through single sign on (SSO). Rest assured your video content will meet all of today’s many industry regulations and standards, including privacy, security, accessibility, and reliability standards such as ISO certifications, Privacy Shield Framework, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), and more.


6. We seamlessly integrate into your workflows – to make it easy to reuse and re-purpose content across all your systems.

With Kaltura, you’ll never have to go hunting through multiple systems again to find the video you’re looking for. You’ll also never have to worry about obsolete videos getting loose. With native integrations across all the systems you already use, you can manage all your video easily from a central point, and seamlessly supply it wherever you need it. Whether it’s your Content Management System (such as WordPress or SharePoint), or Social Business Platform (such as Microsoft Teams), Kaltura’s integrations are built as a simple application, so you can get started right away. Plus, we offer easy integrations for online meeting solutions including Zoom, WebEx, Skype for Business, and SIP-based integrations.



“Kaltura was unique in the way that they had everything...But it’s all hosted in one place, in a digital asset management system that we can go do search and find. So we host it, we send it, and we curate it all in the same place.” - Melanie Crowsey – Digital Media Producer, Thomson Reuters


7. From interactivity to AI, Kaltura is a proven innovator.

Kaltura has been repeatedly cited as an industry leader, across multiple industries, for relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what a video platform is capable of. Just a few of Kaltura’s most recent innovations include Interactive Video Paths, Pitch video messages, our unique Multi-stream player, ground-breaking analytics, and market-leading Webcasting. We’re on the leading edge of trends like predictive analytics, AI, and AR/VR. Whether it’s bringing Kaltura’s experience in creating effective learning environments for the world’s leading universities to your learning and development departments or our proven strength at delivering a superb viewing experience while protecting IP for Hollywood and international media companies, we leverage cross-pollination to provide the most creative, reliable video solutions in the world. What does that mean for you? Every year will bring new innovations that you can choose to adopt, ensuring that your solution is not just future-proof, but helps you lead your industry, at your own pace.


We’ve built fantastic out-of-the-box products you can easily plug in and go. But if you want to customize your own solution, we’ve got the most flexible offering on the market. Our open APIs make it easy to do anything with video. With Video-Platform-as-a-Service, you can get the building blocks to create your own video products and experiences. And it opens the door to even more of the innovation you’re looking for.

8. If we don’t have it, our partners do.

Kaltura supports everything video – even if the particular need is outside our own products. That’s because we work with over 170 integration partners including the best-of-breed technologies such as AI and video enrichment, VR and XR, network optimization, and more. Working with so many amazing partners continues the cross-pollination, bringing revolutionary new video concepts regularly to the core Kaltura platform. Check out the Kaltura Video Technology Marketplace and Kaltura REACH, our Video AI and Enrichment Services, to discover additional video solutions that will work seamlessly with your Kaltura products.

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9. We take accessibility seriously.

We’ve taken both content accessibility and platform accessibility to the next level. Most vendors will create their own VPATs, we worked with a 3rd party auditor. With Kaltura REACH, our Video AI and Enrichment Services, we created an extensive management infrastructure and robust best-of-breed marketplace that allows us to continuously add services that matter to our customers and provide a tightly integrated workflow for ordering and managing captions. Kaltura designs for accessibility requirements to ensure that every user can both access your content and enjoy the experience.




“I have always been a strong believer in the engaging power of video. Oracle was an early adopter of video technology, and we rely heavily on Kaltura’s platform for a wide range of use cases. Kaltura’s video tools that power our internal and external video portals, webcasting and video messaging, are very popular and widely adopted at Oracle.” - Chris Stone, Senior Vice President, Oracle Content & Experience.

10. We will support you.

Kaltura customers are part of a real community. Your customer success manager will be a dedicated local team member, and you’ll get the strategic engagement you need to continue to scale that solution as your needs change in the future. We offer 24/7 support. You’ll have access to regular office hours, business reviews, health checks, regional user groups, global customer eventsspecialized trainings, webinars, and updates on how Kaltura’s platform continues to expand and how you can best take advantage. In addition, you can access our developer portalopen source community forumknowledge center, and learning portal. Kaltura’s 450+ employees around the world work tirelessly to create and support amazing new features for you. Kaltura’s fellow customers offer a thriving and supportive community, too.