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Why Choose Kaltura as Your Education Video Cloud

Kaltura is the leading video cloud for educational institutions around the world, with one advanced platform that can be configured to do everything video. We know that while educators are using video for more purposes than ever before, you don’t want to have to learn (and pay for) half a dozen different platforms. That’s why Kaltura has built a flexible, customizable platform that can be used across departments and use cases for all your video needs, in the classroom and beyond, live and VOD, from lecture capture to learning management software (LMS) integration to libraries and archives to marketing and alumni outreach. Through our marketplace, you’ll find even more options available. As you grow your use of video across the institution, you won’t have to keep finding new solutions.


Thousands of organizations, including 15 of the top 20 US schools, have chosen Kaltura as their trusted partner to power their every video need. Here are some of the reasons why educational institutions choose Kaltura as their video cloud.

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Why choose Kaltura?

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1. We give you a single platform for all your video needs, from creating to watching real-time, live, and on-demand video.

With Kaltura, your LMS becomes a centralized hub for all the ways in which teaching and learning occurs; be it in a real-time virtual classroom, broadcast live from a physical auditorium or on-demand through a flipped classroom or online course model.


We’ve created our own professional-grade tools that not only have very little learning curve, but are fun to use! (Check out our huge library of short, friendly help videos on all of our tools and services at https://learning.mediaspace.kaltura.com/.) Some key things you’ll be able to do:


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  • Create videos. You can create any kind of video you need, formal or informal, live or VOD, by laptop or capture hardware or phone, from capturing the biggest lecture to hosting a real-time virtual classroom to sending a video email to a single student. We know different people have different recording needs, so we give users the options they need to create the exact video they want. But all your options are easy to learn, easy to use, and result in videos you can edit, enrich, and share from the same place with the same tools.
  • Edit videos. Once you’ve created your video, you can edit your work, including adding advanced interactive features such as in-video quizzes and hotspots, right within the platform.
  • Share videos. Whether you want to share your video through the LMS, display on a website, broadcast live, distribute to social media, or email to someone, it’s simple to make sure your audience (and only your audience) can see it on any device.
  • Search inside your video. Kaltura’s industry-leading search functions leveraging Automated Speech Recognition are the easiest, most sophisticated way to find content inside video in the market. Unlike other vendors, Kaltura does not limit its customers to a certain set of metadata fields. You can create custom metadata profiles, manage assets, create rules and search filters, as well as automatic taxonomies.



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2. As part of the educational community, we stand for Openness and Collaboration.

We’ve been an active member of the educational community for a long time. We were the first (and for a long time, only) video platform to be a member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium. We are an early adopter of the LTI standard across all LMS integrations and the first video platform to support LTI 1.3 and to be certified for LTI Advantage.


Unlike some vendors, we didn’t make up proprietary “standards”  of our own – we worked with the educational community to champion a truly open standard. We initiated and co-chaired the Open Capture Standard so educators could have complete control over their own recordings, in standard (non-proprietary) formats you can use anywhere. We were also among the first to receive a Caliper Analytics certification, which makes sure you can retrieve your behavioral data and link it to the rest of your student data.


3. We play well with others (and we’re hardware-agnostic).

Remember point #1? Some vendors will encourage you to buy their hardware. We prefer to respect your past investments and work with what you already have or prefer. Our Lecture Capture solution works with any Open Capture Standard hardware including Anec, Cattura, Crestron, Epiphan Video, Extron, Matrox, Osprey Video, Aver, and Kaptivo.


We work well with your existing software solutions, too. Whether it’s your Learning Management system or Virtual Learning Environment (such as Blackboard or Canvas), Content Management System (such as WordPress or SharePoint), or Social Business Platform (such as Teams), Kaltura’s integrations are built as a simple application, so you can get started right away. Plus, we offer easy integrations for online meeting solutions including Zoom, WebEx, Skype for Business, and SIP-based integrations.


4. You’re always free to go.

Unlike some vendors, we won’t lock you in. On the contrary, we encourage you to make the most out of your Kaltura investment. That means that content you create and store with Kaltura can be reused, repurposed, and moved anywhere, anytime you want. Cool, huh?

“All of this would have been very difficult and we would have been working in siloes if we didn't have Kaltura.” - Rubén Durán, Senior Media Developer, Center for Learning Innovation, Houston Community College

5. We focus on lean-forward experiences.

Interactivity is key to learning and personalization. Customers tell us again and again how much they appreciate the unparalleled variety of interactive tools, features, and experiences built into the Kaltura platform. If we don’t have it, we partner with those who do through our Kaltura Video Technology Marketplace and Kaltura REACH, our Video AI and Enrichment Services.


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6. We take accessibility seriously.

We’ve taken both content accessibility and platform accessibility to the next level. Most vendors will create their own VPATs, we worked with a 3rd party auditor. With Kaltura REACH, our Video AI and Enrichment Services, we created an extensive management infrastructure and robust best-of-breed marketplace that allows us to continuously add services that matter to our customers and provide a tightly integrated workflow for ordering and managing captions.

7. We’re a recognized innovator.

Kaltura brings the lessons we learned for enterprise and Hollywood-grade media delivery to the campus for a secure, reliable network. This translates into cutting-edge user experiences, streaming capabilities, and live scalability.


For more than 12 years, we’ve led the market in innovation, including introducing revolutionary new technologies and setting the standards on accessibility and open data. Analysts have noticed. Kaltura was positioned as a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management, based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.  This is the fifth time in a row that Kaltura has been cited as a Leader in this report. We were also honored to receive the highest scores in all four use cases (Internal Executive Messaging, Internal Training, Internal Collaboration, and External Video for Sales) of the 2019 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Video Content Management report.

8. We cover all your bases.

Kaltura works across industries and regions. That is an important advantage. It means that we have the understanding, the experience, and the credibility to be able to cater to all your video needs, across all use cases, no matter the scale; from teaching and learning to marketing and admissions. Your video content will meet all of today’s many industry regulations and standards, including privacy, security, accessibility, and reliability standards such as ISO certifications, Privacy Shield Framework, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), and more. From 1:1 tutoring sessions to campus-wide live presidential addresses to. We got you covered.

"We've really taken the philosophy that things need to be simple, they need to be easy to use, they need to be integrated. Kaltura Lecture Capture meets that standard." - James McGookey, Manager for Collaboration Technologies, Indiana University


9. We grow with you.

Some vendors build towers. We build bridges. We’ve built fantastic out-of-the-box products you can easily plug in and go. But if you want to customize your own solution, we’ve got the most flexible offering on the market. Our open APIs make it easy to do anything with video. And it opens the door to even more of that innovation we were just talking about. With Kaltura, you have a future-proof video solution.

10. We build community.

Kaltura customers are part of a real community. Your customer success manager will be a dedicated local team member, and you’ll get the strategic engagement you need to continue to scale that solution as your needs change in the future. We offer 24/7 support. You’ll have access to regular office hours, business reviews, health checks, regional user groups, global customer events, specialized trainings, webinars, and updates on how Kaltura’s platform continues to expand and how you can best take advantage. In addition, you can access our developer portal, open source community forum, knowledge center, and learning portal. Kaltura’s 450+ employees around the world work tirelessly to create and support amazing new features for you. Kaltura’s fellow customers offer a thriving and supportive community, too.