Successful Video Platform Deployment, West-Coast Style

Oregon schools are on the cutting edge of video technology, with cross-campus deployments penetrating student, faculty, staff, and marketing use cases. Come hear about how Oregon State University and the University of Portland are each building the next generation of educational experiences with video, from capture to captioning. Learn more about some of their keys to a smooth deployment of new features, including integration with current workflows, getting buy-in from staff, and driving wide-spread adoption. 


- How to evaluate new services 

- How to ensure seamless integration with current systems 

- How to collaborate with faculty to provide the best services to students 

- How to train staff on new procedures 

- How to manage increasing quantity without sacrificing quality or sanity 

These Oregon schools know how to introduce new functionality without losing their cool. Now you can, too!

Raul Burriel
Information Technology Consultant, Oregon State University
Samuel Williams
Director, Academic Technology Services, University of Portland
Perry Fetterman
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Kaltura
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