Make Your Video Training Interactive

Looking to make your training and onboarding programs more engaging, cost-effective, and impactful? In this special joint webinar, hosted by Kaltura and Rapt Media, get the tools you need to build an interactive video training program that can start delivering real results.

Start off with the facts: get the results of in-depth research from The eLearning Guild on best practices for enterprise learning and how interactive video is changing corporate training and onboarding. Then go in-depth with PricewaterhouseCoopers to discover how they used interactive video to educate their internal workforce using a high touch, lean in experience combined with gamification to create intrinsic motivation.

We’ll cover:

  • The key differences between traditional video and interactive video
  • How interactive video makes training more effective
  • How to leverage your experience with linear video to make even better interactive video
  • Best practices for building high impact video training campaigns, including creating compelling stories and engaging characters
  • Tips for onboarding new employees

Your workforce is your best investment. Discover how to make sure your onboarding and training efforts count!

Sharon Vipond
Principal Researcher/PHD, The eLearning Guild
Matthew Murray
Digital Learning Leader, PwC
Caleb Hanson
VP of Product, Rapt Media
Michael Kummer
Managing Director of Sales, EMEA, Kaltura
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