Launch a 'Corporate YouTube' to Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs

Video is an essential tool for learning, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in the enterprise, all of which make your workforce more informed and productive.Video content is more effective, engaging, and fun to consume, for both your employees and customers. Yet today, few organizations have a central place for employees or managers to create content, record video from their computers, share meetings, or view media on desktops or mobile devices.
Join us to learn how you can use Kaltura MediaSpace to jump-start your organization's use of video for collaboration and knowledge sharing, and hear best practices from leading global companies. In this webinar you will learn how to:
•         Use a 'Corporate Tube' effectively for both training, collaboration, employee content sharing, and corporate messaging.
•         Build your enterprise's video-first culture
•         Easily launch a Corporate Tube
•         Empower your employees to create and upload videos

Moderator - Meytal Burstein, Marketing Manager, Kaltura.

Patrick Glithro
Senior Solution Architect, Kaltura