The Future of Video in Education - From the LMS to the 'Campus YouTube'

In the face of the rich media revolution, educational institutions are using video to power every aspect of campus life. The challenge is finding media infrastructure that is agile, scalable, and cost effective. More universities are using video internally and externally for teaching and learning, distance learning and hybrid instruction, training, enhancing assignments, and as a means of collaboration between students and faculty.
This webinar will explore how video and new forms of multimedia-enabled learning are revolutionizing education across Europe.  Video in education now goes beyond simple publishing and includes internal university 'YouTubes', deep learning management system integrations into Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, or more, creating a central media repository, collaborative video assignments, video for distance education and libraries, and media-powered blogs and social networks.
Moderator - Meytal Burstein, Marketing Manager, Kaltura.
Ainatte Inbal
Director of Product Management, Kaltura
Jack Sharon
Education Solution Architect, Kaltura