The Future of Media in SharePoint

Over the past 10 years, the media revolution has fundamentally altered the way we work and communicate on the web. Through video, employees and corporate communications teams can communicate more effectively, reduce the costs of travel and face to face meetings, and more easily share knowledge. Yet, to date, SharePoint, the leading social business platform has lacked full support for advanced video.

With the launch of Kaltura's Video Extension for SharePoint, the leading enterprise media platform and the dominant social collaboration software are coming together to jumpstart the enterprise video revolution. Use the extension to create a video training portal, corporate communications hub, or a YouTube-like portal, all within the confines of your secure SharePoint environment. Or, simply empower your managers and employees to upload and search video, publish a live stream, record from a webcam, or view video on mobile devices, within their SharePoint team sites.

Come to this webinar and be the first to get a full demo of Kaltura's new extension as well as a glimpse into how Fortune 500 companies and small businesses can use video to achieve a stunning return on investment.

Moderator - Meytal Burstein, Marketing Manager, Kaltura.