Bringing Video to Blackboard and Moodle

Online video in education is becoming a necessity. More and more universities are using video internally and externally for off-campus education, training, assignment enhancement, as a means of collaboration between students and faculty and more.

This webinar will explore how video and new forms of multimedia-enabled learning are revolutionizing education across the country in Blackboard, Moodle, and other LMSs.  Video in education now goes beyond simple publishing and includes internal university 'YouTubes', deep learning management system integrations, collaborative video editing assignments, video for distance education and libraries, and media-powered blogs and social networks. Educators and technologists should attend this webinar to learn about online video projects that have been deployed by some of the nation’s leading schools, including University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, University of Virginia, Penn State University and more.

Leah Belsky
VP of Strategic Development, Kaltura.
Devin Beck
Education Account Guru, Kaltura. Formerly at BlackBoard
Michelle Moore
Chief Evangelist, Remote Learner