Test your webcam and microphone with Kaltura

Test your webcam now
What about my privacy?

This webcam test happens entirely on your computer. Nothing is saved and no one will ever know you made silly faces and sounds. Including us. While you’re at it, you can also use our webcam test tool to check your teeth and your hair before your online meeting! Looking sharp? You’re good to go!

What if my camera feed screen is black?
  • Confirm the browser request pop-up to allow the use of your camera.
  • Select the correct camera from the drop-down list
  • Make sure nothing is accidentally covering the lens
  • Check your webcam settings and your app permissions in your system preferences.
  • Your camera failed the test
What if I can’t find your camera/mic in the drop-down menu?
  • Verify that your external camera is properly connected to the USB socket
  • Try performing the webcam test in a different browser
  • Does your camera model have an on/off switch? Make sure it’s set to on
  • Download and install the latest drivers for your webcam



What if I can’t hear myself?
  • Double-check that the right microphone is selected from the drop-down list
  • Verify that your input volume is up in your system preferences
  • Make sure your output volume is up, too, and that the sound is coming out of your speakers or your headphone
  • Your microphone failed the test


Tried all the troubleshooting suggestions and your camera still won’t pass the webcam test? Try your camera on a different computer and try a different camera on your computer to find out what’s not working. If your camera isn’t working on any computer, then you might want to take it back to the shop or contact your camera brand’s Support.

Why do I need to test my webcam?

You might want to test your webcam (and microphone) for a few reasons. If you purchased a new webcam, you’ll want to test if it works properly before you use it for an actual meeting. Maybe you have several webcams, and you want to compare and see which one works best. Or you want to make sure your camera will function properly with your current settings. Of course, you can also use our webcam test to rearrange your camera and make sure it captures you from your best angle. In short, you don’t want to keep your clients or colleagues waiting while you fidget with your gear.

How do you test my webcam?

First, you should make sure the right camera and microphone are selected from the settings. When you click the “Run Test” button, our app will make a temporary recording through your webcam and microphone. When you stop the test, the app will automatically play back the recording in a loop so you can assess the quality, too. You can repeat the test by clicking “Test Again”.

I can see myself fine on the preview screen. Do I still need to do the test?

Doing the actual test will also let you test the sound. So, click “Run Test” and say something funny.

My webcam test has failed, what’s the issue and how can I solve it?

We listed a few common issues in the troubleshooting section higher up on this page.