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Video Conferencing

Break new-normal ground

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Online meetings, consultations, or teaching, there’s finally a virtual space for everyone and everything

Your users won’t go anywhere

It’s a front-end UI with back-end logic. And it’s fully operational and totally secure straight out-the-box. So it’ll fit right into your product, app, or website. Oh, and recordings are automatically stored in the cloud.

Management console interface of Kaltura's video platform for digital publishers
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Always on-call, online or offline

Our virtual space is continuous, meaning hosts can prepare the room, leave, come back, meet with guests, then leave again, come back, meet with their guests again, and pick up the conversation right where they left it.

More than meets the eye

Full of virtual delights like a whiteboard, breakout rooms for up to 30 participant, and watch parties that make connecting and collaborating more like real-life. But you could never get the same granular analytics in real-life.

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Hits a real-time high

Fits anywhere

Self contained code, like a client-side widget, that integrates into anything, your product included.

Designed for collaboration

Comes fully equipped with digital whiteboards, shared notes, chat and lots more to keep everyone in the conversation, focused and engaged

Always on

Just like a physical space, our virtual space is always there. That’s great news foe recurring events and online meetings

Easy content management

Add videos, media, and playlists directly to the room so that they’re always available for everyone you want right there and then, or later.

Video playback

Watch videos together, with sound and everything, simple as that. No more sharing links, waiting for everyone to watch, then come back, and then some more waiting.

Video On

Enhancing Healthcare with Video in NNIT | Using video to make medicine accessible and reduce patient misuse with on-medicine mobile video QR codes

NNIT – Medicine Video Instructions Platform for Pharmaceuticals

2U Personalized distance learning providing full degrees from leading accredited universities | “Leveraging the platform APIs, 2U melded Kaltura functionalities into a new disruptive online learning platform based on video.”

2U – Accredited Online Degree Programs Platform

An educational content marketplace and libraries | “Our partnership with Kaltura means that we can offload some of the technology evolution that we were trying to do ourselves and really focus on our core competencies”

Infobase Publishing | Educational Content Marketplace

A contextual video search and distribution platform serving banks, trading desks and financial risk news consumers | “Kaltura technology has helped us move our content and business offering forward, consolidate under one flexible API and provide our users with robust and intelligent media widgets and applications.”

Thomson Reuters Corporation – Financial News Distribution & Alerts

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