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Media Management & Streaming

Thousands of videos in your product

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The management and streaming powers to sort out, crank up, and send on media anywhere

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Full stream ahead

Built with the utmost flexibility in mind, our media management tools and APIs give you the control needed to make all your streams come true.

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Plays well with others

Whatever platforms you’re already using, or will use, we’ll fit right in there so you can keep growing and changing. We’ve got your playback.

The bitrate never drops

Make media and videos available whenever and wherever with on-the-fly video packaging that ensures optimal bitrate, at any rate.

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Free your media to do anything and a lot more

Upload & Store

Ingest and package media assets of any size or format, from any source

Edit & Rework

Enjoy editing tools at your fingertips: from video trimming to image transformation

Embed & Publish

simplify on-demand playback and reach viewers over native applications, whether iOS, Android, Roku, and whatnot

Optimize & Enrich

Make content accessible to everyone and easy to find on your platform and search engines

Syndicate & Distribute

Push content automatically or schedule it manually on all your distribution partners and syndicates

Secure & Admin

Keep in check who can do what, when, and where

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Some content customers of ours

Enhancing Healthcare with Video in NNIT | Using video to make medicine accessible and reduce patient misuse with on-medicine mobile video QR codes 

NNIT – Medicine Video Instructions Platform for Pharmaceuticals

2U Personalized distance learning providing full degrees from leading accredited universities | “Leveraging the platform APIs, 2U melded Kaltura functionalities into a new disruptive online learning platform based on video.

2U – Accredited Online Degree Programs Platform

An educational content marketplace and libraries | “Our partnership with Kaltura means that we can offload some of the technology evolution that we were trying to do ourselves and really focus on our core competencies

Infobase Publishing | Educational Content Marketplace

A contextual video search and distribution platform serving banks, trading desks and financial risk news consumers | “Kaltura technology has helped us move our content and business offering forward, consolidate under one flexible API and provide our users with robust and intelligent media widgets and applications.

Thomson Reuters Corporation – Financial News Distribution & Alerts

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