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Live Webcasting

Bring your product to live

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A live webcasting studio that fits anywhere and launches from everywhere

If you embed it, they’ll come

Live webcasting easily integrates into any stack, app, or webpage. And it’s just as easy to work, tweak, and design to match your needs and brand. But nothing is as easy as starting a live stream with it.

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Experiences of a live time

Humans aren’t designed to keep quiet and watch. We want to get a say, ask questions, and make a difference. So, we’ve designed the webcasting studio accordingly, with things like Q&A, announcements, chat, and polls.

From on-air to on-demand

The fact that anyone can click a button and start talking to thousands of people all around the world is pure magic. But, you know what else is magical? That when the live part is over, it’s instantly available on VOD without any clicks!

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Just say action

Simple embedding 

Let your users create and manage live webcasts directly from where you have them. They won’t even know we’re there

Built-In Engagements

Q&A, slide sync, announcements, polls and more interactive capabilities to keep your audience fully engaged before, during, and after.

Live & VOD

All these live sessions aren’t going anywhere but straight to VOD. You can also choose to edit your recording and repurpose it however you want

Flawless streaming

High Speed, superb quality. No compromises under any condition

At any scale

Easily broadcast with confidence any event of any size

Plus, simulive mode

Pre-record your content, then stream it live. Again and again

Living It up

Enhancing Healthcare with Video in NNIT | Using video to make medicine accessible and reduce patient misuse with on-medicine mobile video QR codes

NNIT – Medicine Video Instructions Platform for Pharmaceuticals

2U Personalized distance learning providing full degrees from leading accredited universities | “Leveraging the platform APIs, 2U melded Kaltura functionalities into a new disruptive online learning platform based on video.”

2U – Accredited Online Degree Programs Platform

An educational content marketplace and libraries | “Our partnership with Kaltura means that we can offload some of the technology evolution that we were trying to do ourselves and really focus on our core competencies”

Infobase Publishing | Educational Content Marketplace

A contextual video search and distribution platform serving banks, trading desks and financial risk news consumers | “Kaltura technology has helped us move our content and business offering forward, consolidate under one flexible API and provide our users with robust and intelligent media widgets and applications.”

Thomson Reuters Corporation – Financial News Distribution & Alerts

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