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Video Experiences

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Feature-rich UI-centric media tools and experience components to crank up engagement


Add surveys, questions, and quizzes to your videos. Or let your users choose what will play or even create new videos. Whatever, just make the most of their time watching you.

Management console interface of Kaltura's video platform for digital publishers

Plug it in & turn it up

We’ve worked hard to reduce dev time on your end so you can get to production double time. And go to market in no time.

Original Experience Manufacturers

Take the same video infrastructure powering leading applications, including our own and make it 100% you with your branding, workflows, and provisioning.

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Your UX toolkit

Video recorder

So that anyone – admins or users – can make and upload videos with a single click

On-screen engagements

Captures audience preferences and their engagement – high level or granular

Video editor

Expert editing tools for video trimming, cutting, and enriching

Branched video paths

Interlinked playlists that put the user in control of what plays next

Video Saavy

Enhancing Healthcare with Video in NNIT | Using video to make medicine accessible and reduce patient misuse with on-medicine mobile video QR codes

NNIT – Medicine Video Instructions Platform for Pharmaceuticals

2U Personalized distance learning providing full degrees from leading accredited universities | “Leveraging the platform APIs, 2U melded Kaltura functionalities into a new disruptive online learning platform based on video.”

2U – Accredited Online Degree Programs Platform

An educational content marketplace and libraries | “Our partnership with Kaltura means that we can offload some of the technology evolution that we were trying to do ourselves and really focus on our core competencies”

Infobase Publishing | Educational Content Marketplace

A contextual video search and distribution platform serving banks, trading desks and financial risk news consumers | “Kaltura technology has helped us move our content and business offering forward, consolidate under one flexible API and provide our users with robust and intelligent media widgets and applications.”

Thomson Reuters Corporation – Financial News Distribution & Alerts

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