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Make It Big.

Fully customizable and designed to support unique experiences at scale, Kaltura Virtual Events platform provides the full range of video technology to support any event, of any size. Multi-day or multi-track, live keynotes, webinars, lectures, workshops or 1:1 chat, Kaltura Virtual Events platform provides the full video tech stack natively built into the platform.

Any Event, Any Size

Native support for live, simulive, real-time and VOD from the largest keynotes to small-scale workshops and 1:1 networking sessions.

Beautiful Streaming Experiences

Enjoy fast loading players, responsive design, 1080p videos, and adaptive bitrate technology.

Modular Framework for Integration

Highly extendable framework for integration with remote conferencing clients, marketing automation platforms and analytics tools.

Robust Content Management Platform

Enterprise-grade video content management platform for ingesting, managing, publishing, distributing and analyzing media content.
Virtual Events

Make It Your Own.

Create unique experiences defined by your brand. Provide a personalized experience for every attendee. Offer targeted reach for Sponsors and special venues for VIPs. Encourage each attendee to define the journey that’s best for them, and drive true audience engagement.

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Your Brand in All Its Glory

Whether you’re working on your annual customer event, regional events or internal kickoff, events are about celebrating your brand promise and rallying your audience. Kaltura Virtual Events platform is fully customizable and offers advanced branding options that allow you to showcase your brand with a wide range of choices of look and feel: logos, watermarks, features, templates, and plugins.

Personalized for Every Attendee

From building a personal agenda, selecting topics of interest upon registration, to content recommendations, customizable presentation layouts, viewer controls, and personal media collections, give your audience what they are looking for. Kaltura Virtual Events Platform enables personalization for all your stakeholders, from individual attendees to special groups such as speakers, executives and VIPs, analysts and press, sponsors, and organizer employees.

Mix & Match

Regardless of the event size and complexity, create the type of event that best reflects your brand and meets your goals. Pick and choose from a combination of live broadcasts, webinars, meetings and VoD, to create a blended and interactive experience for your attendees.

Time to Connect

Virtual events are all about knowledge sharing and connecting with others, which makes networking the beating heart of the virtual experience. Kaltura’s chat and collaboration widget, makes sure you offer the best networking experience to attendees, speakers, sponsors and event moderators and organizers, all within the right context and designed for easy search and connecting with others.

Go Far and Wide, Virtually

Virtual events drive more registration than physical events. Registration is where the attendee’s journey begins. How do you support personalized experiences from the start and do it at a far greater scale than you’ve ever known? The Kaltura Virtual Events platform registration module was not only designed for scale, but also to inform content recommendations that help attendees create unique experiences for themselves.

Add in Some Extra Fun

Gamification is another way to inject some fun into the virtual event experience. Treasure hunts, reactions during live sessions, and leaderboards are all designed to add some thrill and keep attendees on their toes.

Create a Destination

Fuel the excitement before, maximize engagement during, and convert attendees into loyal fans after. Cloud recordings are automatically indexed and uploaded so your content can live on and your community has a destination.


Make It Last.

Content is the beating heart of the virtual experience. Done well, it creates an immersive experience for attendees that builds excitement before the event, keeps them engaged during the event and has them coming back long after the event is over.



From a dynamic home page to interactive viewing options, keep attendees leaning forward with live chat, reactions, polls, quizzes, games, and interactive viewing paths.

Accessibility & Localization

Captions, automatic translations and other enrichment options make your content captivating and accessible for audiences anywhere.

Search & Discovery

Advanced search and filtering for relevant content within the title, description and tags, the spoken word, or within slides & chapters right to that moment in the video.

Content Creation

Easy access to content creation tools that allow Organizers and Speakers to quickly and authentically promote their unique voices.

Sharing & Distribution

Share content to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn directly from the Kaltura Player.

Sponsor Love.

Offer your Sponsors a range of options to generate quality leads, drive brand awareness, network with their prospects, and create business opportunities. Provide each sponsor with a dedicated space where they will enjoy a steady flux of visitors to connect with and unique analytics and insights for effective follow-ups.

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Create Your Own Sponsor Packages

  • Lead reports
  • Branded digital sponsor booths and virtual rooms
  • Sponsor branded players
  • Bumper videos
  • Banner ads
  • Video quizzes
  • Visibility on event homepage
  • Custom content collections
  • Deep links to sponsor pages
Data & Analytics

Make It Count.

There is so much more data to be found in a virtual event than a physical one. Capture all user actions and interactions, quality of service, and user engagement. Learn about your audience, gauge your content performance, and turn it all into actionable insights that you can implement in real-time.

Get Visibility into Your Event Success

  • Real-time monitoring and trouble shooting
  • Rich filtering and unique metrics
  • Room attendance
  • Live engagement tracking
  • Analytics on engagement tools: Q&A, polls, video quiz, and chat.
  • Post-event analysis
  • Site analytics via integration with Adobe SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics
  • Session analytics, daily event updates & weekly summaries to support lead generation

Make it Look Easy

Carefully designed and flawlessly managed. Kaltura offers planning and design event services to help you create the right experience for your brand and community, as well as event operations support you can rely on to ensure a smooth event end-to-end.

Planning & Design

Our planning and design team includes subject matter experts in all areas of virtual events including: Event Experience, Creative Services, Content, Technology, Sponsorship and Lead Generation. This team works closely with our customers to plan the desired experience from defining the attendee journey, localization aspects and overall content strategy, to leveraging existing frameworks and ensuring sponsors get the most out of their investment.

Event Operations & Execution

Each event is supported with detailed planning and execution of the event including pre and post production activities and end-to-end management of the live event itself. This includes creative services, white glove production services, moderation, and 24/7 support.