University of New Hampshire: Using Personalized Video Messages for Online Student Success

About University of New Hampshire:

Home to more than 15,000 students, the University of New Hampshire is New Hampshire’s flagship public research institution. Their 11 schools and colleges offer 200 programs in more than 100 major fields of study.


How is University of New Hampshire using video messages?

UNH student success coaches use Kaltura Pitch to create and send video messages in an innovative approach to student recruitment and retention. By creating personalized video emails, they can bring the UNH experience to their online students.


Why use Kaltura Pitch?

“Inserting that personal aspect of it we’ve found has been very very successful. And that way students feel more comfortable to reach out to me later if they have a question,” says Jackie Klatt, Student Success Coach at the University of New Hampshire. She particularly likes the analytics that alert a sender when someone has watched their video. “Gathering all that data and all that info, we learned that our messages have a 75% open rate, which is a statistic we were really unable to previously track. So it’s been absolutely fantastic to go in there and actually see who’s looking at our videos and who’s watching them.”

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