The Oracle Video Story: Livestreaming Townhalls

About Oracle

One of the world’s most successful and respected computer technology companies, Oracle is active in more than 100 countries.


How is Oracle using Kaltura Townhalls?

With so many employees in so many countries, getting everyone to the annual conference was too difficult. “But with live streaming, people began to realize that live events are only good if people can get to them,” says former Oracle CIO Mark Sunday. “So by broadcasting around the world,  whether its internal or external, you can reach a huge audience and really build a sense of unity across your team.”


Oracle uses Kaltura Townhalls to broadcast events around the world. For example, they used to fly 25,000 people to the sales kickoff in June in Las Vegas. But not only was it expensive, it was limiting. “So we moved to a virtual sales kickoff, where we can more direct the content, we have live as well as on demand features, and all sorts of things,” says Sunday. “And we found that we can actually not just save money but actually, we can actually make the experience richer by being virtual. But the key point that allowed us to be successful in this transition to live streaming was when we moved to Kaltura.”


Why use Kaltura for broadcasting live events?

“Quite frankly, we were having some issues when we were doing things at larger scale,” continues Sunday. “And then we switched to Kaltura. And it was unbelievable how much better it was. We had huge success, our support calls went down to 7% of what they had been before. Improved the security.”


For example, a 2018 live stream from Austin had:

  • 3 hours 41 minutes
  • Average view time: 2 hours 23 minutes (65%)
  • 20,128 unique viewers
  • From 1,522 cities in 67 different countries
  • 403 Q&A questions


He concludes, “All in all, it was really a tremendous experience.”

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