The Oracle Video Story: How CIOs Think About Video

About Oracle

One of the world’s most successful and respected computer technology companies, Oracle is active in more than 100 countries.


How is Oracle using video?

Oracle is using Kaltura to power video both internally and externally, across the entire organization. Using video tools such as Kaltura MediaSpace, Kaltura Townhalls, Kaltura Personal Capture, and Kaltura Pitch, they use video for virtual townhall meetings, learning and training, marketing, sales and prospecting, recruiting, partner training, internal collaboration, customer communication, recruiting, product demos, employee recognition, meeting recordings, engagement, and more.


Why use Kaltura as a video platform?

When talking about OTube, Oracle’s internal MediaSpace video portal, former CIO Mark Sunday says, “One of the things I really love is the user experience. I love all the features like channels, and you can see what’s liked. You can see what’s trending and what’s hot and what’s new. And then with Kaltura Capture, it makes it easy to create new content as well. And then it’s extended not just for the on demand, but you can see what webcasts and live streaming things are going on as well. I also love the ability to interact.”


In four years, growth was enormous. In FY19, Oracle saw:

  • – 2 million+ plays (364% growth)
  • – 16 million+ minutes viewed (760% growth)
  • – Nearly 5,000 contributors (254% growth)
  • – 36k new entries (189% growth)


Sunday adds, “The growth in terms of contributors, contribution, views, speaks for itself.”

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