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About Oracle

One of the world’s most successful and respected computer technology companies, Oracle is active in more than 100 countries.


How is Oracle using Kaltura MediaSpace?

With MediaSpace, Oracle built both an internal video portal to unify employee content, OTube, and an external-facing hub for partners and customers, Oracle Video Hub. With these video portals, Oracle centralizes video creation and sharing across the company. Employees can find VOD of things like product news, market updates, fireside chats with executives, onboarding videos, and sales pitch competitions, as well as live broadcast of company events.


Why use Kaltura as a video platform?

“We needed an internal YouTube, but I want not only a rich viewing experience, I want it to be compelling for the creators,” says former Oracle CIO Market Sunday. “Video’s only gonna grow, and it’s gonna grow exponentially. You need to build out something that sustain, that gets rid of the silos, sure that you have security and governance. But also, at the same time, bringing in the latest innovations. But when you make it available for one part of the team, it’s now available for everyone because you have a global platform.”


Of OTube, he says, “One of the things I really love is the user experience. I love all the features like channels, and you can see what’s liked. You can see what’s trending and what’s hot and what’s new. And then with Kaltura Capture, it makes it easy to create new content as well. And then it’s extended not just for the on demand, but you can see what webcasts and live streaming things are going on as well. I also love the ability to interact.”


In four years, growth was enormous. In FY19, Oracle saw:

  • 2 million+ plays (364% growth)
  • 16 million+ minutes viewed (760% growth)
  • Nearly 5,000 contributors (254% growth)
  • 36k new entries (189% growth)

Sunday adds, “The growth in terms of contributors, contribution, views, speaks for itself.”

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