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Interactive Example: TV show by Galileo and Pro7

Do you have what it takes to land safely on the moon?


Galileo – a German science show by German television broadcaster Pro7, has launched this unique online interactive project, to celebrate the 50’s anniversary of the first Moon landing.
The project went live on desktop, mobiles and also TV’s and set-top boxes, simultaneously with their daily TV show Galileo as well as announced on a TV special on 21 July, 2019.


Through the interactive project, “Can You Survive Moon – You Are an Astronaut”, Galileo sent its viewers into space and let them choose their own destiny, and see if they could successfully land on the moon.
Viewers were presented with 8 situations, and had to decide live via app or remote control via HBBTV, how they would behave in place of Neil Armstrong.

The campaign was extremely successful and engaging, with over 58,383 Plays to date (80.6% from mobile, 10.7% from desktop, 8.6% from tablet).
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