David Duchovny called so we built an event platform

“Just because the world is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean we have to be anti-social”

These wise words by David Duchovny are what got us thinking we need to make an event platform where people can come together, learn new things, make new connections, and have fun on the way. And for it to truly work, it needs to make event planners and hosts’ life easier, and let them plan, manage, and measure their events in one place. Plus, of course, templates you can customize, interactive features, and robust streaming, no matter if it’s live or on-demand.

So, we took everything we’ve learned after managing some of the world’s largest virtual events in the last couple of years and built Kaltura Events. And that’s exactly how it happened except the part about David Duchovny.

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Now don’t be anti-social

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