Curing Cancer with Open Science—and Video - Novartis

The boundaries of scientific research are expanding daily—which can make it hard to keep everyone up to date. Novartis has 6,000 scientists working on various treatments, including curing cancer by teaching immune systems to fight back.


By consolidating to a single SaaS platform, they were able to unify their knowledge sharing and collaboration strategy, including scientific seminars, guest lecturers on treatments, even training videos on new technologies and equipment all in a secure Enterprise YouTube.


But they didn’t stop there, Novartis also leverage video for marketing, and their unique NERD portal launched to encourage open science and provoke collaboration and engagement from the community.


Find out how consolidating video can drive collaboration, and how Novartis made their video portal their most fast-adopted technology ever.
Presented by Doug Bacon.

Case Studies   |  Communication and Collaboration