Thomson Reuters - Interactive Virtual Learning Using Kaltura Virtual Classrooms

About Thomson Reuters:

Thomson Reuters provides trusted data and information to professionals across 3 different industries: Legal; Tax and Accounting; and News & Media.


How is Thomson Reuters using video?

One of the many ways Thomson Reuters uses video is to provide eLearning video courses, such as for CPE for accountants and CLE for lawyers. The learning division uses Kaltura to consolidate its video content, including using Kaltura Virtual Classrooms to deliver courses to internal and external clients who need learning. They also use Kaltura Webcasting for larger groups, when they need a way to reach thousands of learners at once.


Why use Kaltura as a video platform?

“Kaltura was unique in the way that they had just a little bit of everything,” says Melanie Crowsey – Digital Media Producer, Thomson Reuters. “But it’s all hosted in once place, in a digital asset management system that we can go do search and find. So we host it, we send it, and we curate it all in the same place.”


“So with Meeting Solution, it really provides a greater opportunity to have that sort of high level of interaction with the learner,” she continues, “and really brings home just a more robust learning experience.”

AWS services used:

To provide the best solutions for Thomson Reuters, Kaltura is using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Glacier, Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. These services allow delivering a secure, scalable and resilient platform for the video storage and management solution.

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