Managing and Delivering Effective Video Learning at DuPont Sustainable Solutions

About DuPont Sustainable Solutions:

DuPont Sustainable Solutions provides operations management consulting services to companies around the world.


How is DuPont Sustainable Solutions using video?

Among other things, their clients depend on them to create and deliver training videos, especially on compliance and safety topics, through their eLearning courses and their CoastalFlix video marketplace. They film and edit videos both onsite and on location to meet their clients’ needs.


They use the Kaltura Management Console to manage their enormous video library and the Kaltura Player to deliver high quality videos to clients and their employees wherever they are.


Why use Kaltura as a video platform?

“It allows us to manage our assets in a controllable way that allows us to find them and allows us to reuse them and republish them as necessary,” says Steve Zuckerman, Global Product Manager for e-Learning at DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “The video player with Kaltura allows us to ensure that we have a really solid experience for our clients each time.” He continues, “We partnered with Kaltura based on the flexibility of the video products that they had at that time and we’ve been able to grow our business alongside Kaltura as they’ve grown as a business.”

AWS services used:

To provide the best solutions for DuPont, Kaltura is using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Glacier, Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. These services allow delivering a secure, scalable and resilient platform for the video storage and management solution.

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