Video Processing and Video Hosting

Preparing your videos for delivery

From uploading video files and preparing them for delivery to video hosting and storage, Kaltura makes it easy for both end-users and content administrators to manage their video files.

Video Upload and Ingestion

Video Upload and Ingestion

From basic end-user upload and capture capabilities to powerful, high-speed video upload tools for content administrators, upload any rich media file.

Video Transcoding (Live and VOD)

Whether by our cloud-based transcoding or your own transcoder, take advantage of Content Aware Encoding and adaptive multi-bitrate delivery for optimized storage and high-quality playback. Video is automatically processed into a variety of optimized output files so your viewers get the best quality video on any device. Kaltura also integrates with the leading RTMP and RTSP encoders.

Video Hosting

Video Hosting

Choose your own storage, whether on Kaltura’s cloud-based video hosting service, on premises (self-hosted video platform), or with a third party. Data stored with Kaltura is encrypted at rest.

Media Repurposing

Customize your video retention policies to meet your organization’s needs and regulatory guidelines. Options include:

  • Media pruning policies: Selectively delete flavors, but keep the source file
  • Media time capsule policies: Send off media to a cheaper remote storage location
  • Global purge policies: Delete all video files, thumbnails, metadata and related assets of a streaming media object
  • Media archiving: Hide assets from all users and delete it after a period of time
  • Media retention policies: Set up scheduling rules such as “media older than X” and “media not viewed since X” to trigger media repurposing, and automatically notify users by email of impending changes

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