Kaltura Video Marketing Toolset

Kaltura Video Marketing Toolset

The Next Step in Video for Marketing

Engaging leads, driving conversions, and reducing churn has never been easier when video is integrated directly into your marketing efforts. Interactive, trackable video can be inserted straight into the website, syndicated to social media, added to email campaigns, built into client management workflows, and more.

Increase Your ROI with Video-integrated Marketing Automation

Add video directly to your automated marketing campaigns and watch your ROI soar. Seamlessly add powerful video capabilities and track user interaction to convert viewers to customers faster.

Convert leads to customers

  • Video calls-to-action
  • In-video forms

Gauge interest levels

  • Video scoring

Create more compelling prospecting emails

  • A/B testing
  • Replace video without changing embed codes
  • Easily track viewer engagement when video is built directly into email campaign systems
Increase Your ROI with Video-integrated Marketing Automation

Centralize Your Video Content Management

With a centralized Marketing Video Hub, you’ll be able to leverage your assets to do more across the entire company. Plugging straight into your CMS makes it easier than ever to get your video content looking just the way you want it on your webpage.

  • Make video effortless with easy video creation, moderation, enrichment, and management tools
  • Build video naturally into your existing workflows
  • Never lose a video again
  • Unify video messaging across the entire organization
  • Make content work harder by sharing across marketing, sales, communications, and other teams to encourage reuse and increase ROI
Centralize Your Video Content Management

Build Awareness and Drive Traffic

Customize your own players for a perfect website video experience. Then, take it farther. Kaltura makes it easy for your videos to go viral. With a single link, viewers can easily share videos on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and over 50 other social networks, blogs, and sites. Users can also post on any website or blog via HTML embed code Video syndication and distribution extends your reach.

Build Awareness and Drive Traffic

Create a Video Feedback Loop

Take advantage of video analytics and reporting to create a cycle of continual improvement on your marketing and sales campaigns. Track video engagement data like attendance, unique views and drop offs, to better understand what’s working and what’s not.

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Take Advantage of Interactive Video

Interactive video features like quizzing and polls create greater engagement and give insight into what catches your leads’ attention. Videos that respond to viewers’ actions create a personalized experience.

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Build an External Portal

Create an extranet video portal for your customers or your partners. Give them the tools to learn more about your products and evangelize on your behalf.

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Marketing Integrations Supported

  • Marketing Automation Video Integrations

  • CMS Video Integrations

  • Marketing Automation Video Integrations

    Make video an integral part of landing pages and track user interactions for greater insight and increased conversions. Powerful video capabilities including player customization and branding, video galleries, SEO, CMS integrations, social distribution, and spotless playback quality are seamlessly built into the Marketo and Eloqua marketing automation platforms.

  • WordPress Video Plugin

    CMS Video Integrations

    Integrate online video features directly into your site, including transcoding, uploading and importing content, hosting and streaming on Kaltura’s servers, and more. We offer video integrations for Drupal 6 and 7, as well as WordPress.

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