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Captions & Enrichment Services (REACH)

Make Your Videos Searchable and Accessible

Kaltura’s Captions & Enrichment Services offers a comprehensive marketplace of services including human and automatic captioning, transcription, translation, in-video search and more. Take the stress out of managing multiple services, with a unified and centralized solution that allows you to easily manage, control and track usage across all services and applications.

Access Global Audiences

From Simplified Mandarin to Zulu, and everything in between. Adapt for global audiences, foster inclusion and facilitate language learning with human or automatic captions and translations, and support for multiple languages in the same video.

Access Global Audiences

Increase Comprehension & Engagement

Add captions to increase view time and completion rate, especially in environments where audio access is a challenge. Enhance the effectiveness of listening comprehension with captions and subtitles.

Increase Comprehension & Engagement

Support Content Accessibility

Comply with government and industry accessibility regulations such as ADA/508 standards. Set your own rules to ensure videos you designate are automatically captioned to meet accessibility standards.

Support Content Accessibility

Improve Search & Discoverability

Improve SEO, search rankings, and recommendations with searchable transcripts, speaker ID, semantic keywords, and metadata across your video library.

Improve Search & Discoverability

Single Unified Solution for All Services

Seamlessly order advanced enrichment services directly from the platform through integrated workflows available across all applications and players. Easily upload and edit automatic video captioning and translation files using our embedded editor or view transcripts via our interactive transcript widget.

Single Unified Solution for All Services

Make Your Own Rules

Customize and automate processes including ordering rules, moderation flows and granular permissions across services and departments. Manage, track, and analyze usage and spend from a centralized dashboard, and use the reports to refine and optimize.

Make Your own Rules
Captioning & Enrichment Services (REACH) Marketplace Includes:
  • Automatic Video Captioning
    Automatic Video Captioning
    Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) instantly recognizes the words spoken and provides machine-based captions with 80%-90% accuracy for maximum indexing and optimal search.

    •DIY captions editor for increased fidelity
    • Machine learning with improved accuracy over time
    •Adapts to accents, background noise or volume changes
    • Automatic transcription of videos as they are uploaded
    • Available in more than 22 languages
  • Human Captions and translations
    Human Captions & Translations
    Human Captions & Translations
    A professional transcribes your video manually, ensuring 99% fidelity to meet accessibility regulations. Data is transferred via HTTPS connections, and access to content is limited to individuals with the right permissions.

    • Supports ADA/Section 508, CVAA and WCAG 2.0 accessibility compliance standards
    • 3 to 48-hour turnaround time
    • Translation to more than 20 languages, including Nordic languages

    Kaltura Service Partners: Cielo, Dotsub, Amberscript
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  • Machine Translations
    Machine Translations
    A service that uses AI and machine learning capabilities to provide users the ability to translate English speaking videos into a number of foreign languages at ~85% fidelity and with turnaround times that are quicker than the length of the original media.

    Kaltura Service Partner: SyncWords
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  • Audio Description
    Audio Description
    A professional service that improves the accessibility for people who are blind, have low vision, or who are otherwise visually impaired. Audio description is an additional audio track for a video, that combines the original audio with spoken narration of the video visual elements, such as actions, written text, scenes, etc.

    Kaltura Service Partner: 3Play Media
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  • Automatic Chaptering
    Automatic Chaptering
    Automatic chaptering provides unique capabilities to automatically summarize the key topics within a video and navigate to the topics of interest. These capabilities are built on a foundation of cutting-edge research involving Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This capability supports easy and efficient consumption of informational videos for learning & training, sales enablement or marketing.

    Kaltura Service Partner: Videoken
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  • Alignment
    Alignment is a service that offers users the ability to create caption files based on a transcript (txt file) uploaded by the user.

    Kaltura Service Partner: Verbit
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Verbit offers a one-stop-shop for accessibility solutions which make delivering inclusive experiences easier than ever before. Verbit leading captioning, transcription, audio description and translation solutions are automated to work within the Kaltura platform itself, but also offer easy integrations and access to the largest professional captioner workforce in the world for accurate results every time. Verbit is trusted by education and business partners around the globe for making content and experiences more engaging to those tuning in and equitable to everyone. With Verbit, users not only make their videos and content accessible according to ADA and other compliance guidelines but also benefit by making information searchable and actionable.

Media Localization AI plus multiple machine translation integrations deliver subtitles in 100+ languages

VideoKen uses AI to generate indices summarizing the key topics such as table of contents and phrase cloud in addition to a fully searchable transcript, which makes videos easier to navigate and consume

3Play Media makes your videos searchable, accessible, and SEO-friendly by providing high quality closed captions, searchable interactive transcripts, and translated subtitles. 3Play Media is seamlessly integrated with Kaltura KMC and MediaSpace. Your video files can be transferred directly from Kaltura KMC or MediaSpace to your 3Play Media account for processing. After your captions or subtitles have been processed, they are automatically added to your videos. Turnaround time is specified at the time of upload and can be as quick as 2 hours.

AmberScript is a European provider of high-quality captions and automatic speech recognition tailored to the academic sector. AmberScript offers the largest, best qualified network of transcribers and captionist in a variety of European languages. Our speech recognition is developed with full focus on academic language and thereby achieves highest accuracy on specific academic terminology. Currently, we offer high-quality captions for European languages such as Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, German, English, Flemish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

dotSUB's browser based technology and services enable closed captions and multilingual subtitles to be generated — by dotSUB's professional translators or crowd-sourced with your employees, partners or fans — for any online video in any source language across all platforms and mobile screens around the world. Captions and subtitles are proven to increase video accessibility, audience engagement, global reach, and SEO discovery. It is easy and fun to use.

Use Papercup to automate the Dubbing of your videos using synthetic voices. Make your videos available to a global audience by localizing them at scale. Through Kaltura and Papercup integration simply submit your videos to be dubbed and receive a fully localized video in days.