Kaltura Video-Knowledge Sharing and Employee Engagement

Kaltura Player

Beautiful Video Experiences

With the Kaltura Player your content is center stage. Designed to deliver video experiences that celebrate content and engage viewers wherever they are, it focuses on smart, customizable, and interactive viewing experiences, fast loading times and optimal delivery.

Rich & Interactive

Support for VR and 360? Check! The Kaltura Player offers a range of capabilities that keep viewers engaged; browse chapters, search for keywords inside the video, choose your dual stream view and switch it around, take a quiz, toggle between audio tracks, add captions, adjust the playback speed, click on hotspots or choose your own adventure.

Make it Your Own

Change skins and sizes, colors and fonts, add features like speed controls and sharing widgets, enable advanced accessibility features, add monetization options – customize. Create unlimited players and endless options for branding and design and easily embed your videos to any website.

“The player capabilities should inspire the user to take action: watch more videos, click on ads, answer an interactive survey, upload UGC content or share content with the world. If done correctly, the player will be the incarnation of your video strategy.”

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Perfect Playback Experience

With a focus on speed and playback quality across devices, the Kaltura Player ensures reduced join times and a seamless experience, even under changing conditions. The Kaltura Player automatically detects the device your viewer is using and optimizes load time and responsiveness using adaptive bitrate delivery. Available Player SDKs for iOS and Android allow you to easily add the Kaltura video player to your mobile application for viewing anywhere.


Designed for Accessibility  

The Kaltura Player offers a fully inclusive and accessible video experience including screen readers support, high contrast mode, keyboard, mouse and touch screen controls, interactive player transcript widget, an easy to use captions editor, speaker ID, topics and chaptering.

Made to Measure

When it comes to measuring performance, the more information, the better. Get granular with player analytics that track views, play to impression ratios, drop-off rates, geo-location, devices, join times, buffering and more for both VOD and live events, across time periods. You can also integrate with other analytics platforms such as Google Analytics.

Video LMS learning analytics

Extensible Framework

Looking for additional player plugins to create that particular video experience for your audience? We got you. Benefit from an extensive and flexible framework for plugin development complete with SDKs that allows you to extend interactivity and engagement during playback.

Key Features

  • Speed & Reliability

    • Strong infrastructure and future proof UX to support any video experience

    • HTML5 player for live and VOD playback

    • Responsive design using Adaptive Bitrate

    • Reduced join times including last mile optimization

    • Support for DRM and secure embed codes

    • Native application support including Apple iOS, Android, Roku, and others

  • User Experience

    • Accessibility compliance (Section 508, WCAG 2.0, CVAA)

    • Interactive player transcript widget, subtitles and captions, multi-audio tracks, speaker ID and topics and chaptering

    • Interactivity support including: 360 video and VR, dual stream, quiz, hotspots and CTAs, interactive video paths

    • Video monetization support

    • Engagement and Quality of Service (QoS) Analytics

  • Player Studio

    • Customization options including audio tracks, captions, playback speed, full screen, social share, download, related videos and more

    • Players can be designed and skinned to match any brand and used for your own brand or for advertisers on your site.

    • Available toolkits for plugin development including SDKs and contrib library

    • Lightweight embed codes for easy and secure implementation in any environment

    • Create unlimited number of players to meet your video needs