Interactive Video

Interactive Video

Create immersive and personalized video experiences

Easily transform any video into an interactive video, using Kaltura’s interactive tools to create, embed and share immersive personalized video experiences that increase engagement, enhance learning, and boost conversion.

Interactive Video Paths

Drive deeper engagement and meaningful data with personalized video paths in which viewers can ‘choose their own adventure’.

  • Deeper Engagement – Keep viewers’ attention and create memorable and effective video experiences.
  • Personalized paths – Let viewers play an active role by choosing their preferred actions and learning paths.
  • Integrated within existing workflows – Easily create, share, and embed interactive video paths within your own website and Kaltura MediaSpace video portal, as well as within your LMS or any other Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) application.
  • Gain valuable insights – analyze user choices and gain a deeper understanding into user preferences and progress.
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Case Studies

  • 'Will You Fit into Deloitte' – Gamified interactive recruitment experience
  • How Allianz Global Investors Enhanced Its Onboarding Strategy
  • Scenario-based interactive video learning experiences

Video Quizzes

Increase the effectiveness of education and training by including questions and responses in the video experience. Online Video Quizzing increases engagement, enables measurement, and provides a new way to improve learning outcomes.

How Interactive Video Quizzing Works


Add calls-to-action and links to additional information as hotspots anywhere in your video. Create buttons linking to other pages that will appear at the time you choose and customize their appearance.

adding hotspots to a video

Bringing Playback Interactivity to The Next Level

Make the viewing experience more engaging with an interactive player. Viewers can easily browse through chapterssearch for keywords, and jump to specific areas in the video where the desired terms were presented. Let viewers choose their own views, switching at will between picture-in-picture, side-by-side, and single views with an easy to use toggle. They can answer quizzes, click calls-to-action, or even choose their own path. Viewers can even adjust their playback speed and quality.

Interactive Video Players

Ways to use interactive video

  • Learning and Development

  • Recruitment and Onboarding

  • Marketing and Customer Education

  • interactive video

    Learning and Development

    Interactive video creates a personalized learning experience, where the learner chooses the lesson’s pace, repetition, and direction. Whether for education or corporate training, present your content in more compelling, learner-friendly ways to deepen engagement and boost results.

  • Recruitment-and-Onboarding-933x780

    Recruitment and Onboarding

    Top companies know that video is a great way to attract the right talent, but only interactive video allows you to create personalized, relevant experiences that bring your company to life. Engage digital-savvy candidates, reduce time-to-hire, and accelerate onboarding and productivity.

  • interactive video

    Marketing and Customer Education

    Digital product experiences that surprise and delight help to shorten your sales cycle, drive operational efficiencies, and deepen customer loyalty. Interactive videos create an emotional connection to your brand and products and increase customer satisfaction.

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