Interactive Video

Interactive Video and Editing Tools

Leverage the Kaltura Interactive Video and Editing Tools to create engaging Interactive Video Paths, trim videos, create clips that highlight the most interesting parts or to add fun hotspots that keep viewers leaning forward. This range of tools for interactivity and timeline editing allows users to clip or trim, chop and splice their media, or add video quizzes, hotspots, and advertisements.  Kaltura’s editing tools work together so users can edit even feature-rich videos that include captions, translations, multiple synced video streams, and more.

Interactive Video Paths

Drive deeper engagement and meaningful data with personalized video paths in which viewers can ‘choose their own adventure’.  Keep viewers’ attention and create memorable and effective video experiences. Let viewers play an active role by choosing their preferred actions and learning paths. Easily create, share, and embed interactive video paths within your own website and other Kaltura products, and then gain valuable insights by tracking and analysing user preferences and progress.

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Video Quizzes

Increase the effectiveness of your video by including questions and responses for a richer learning experience. Video Quizzes increase engagement, enable measurement, and provide a new way to improve learning outcomes.

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Transform any video into an interactive video. Add calls-to-action and links to additional information anywhere in your video. Create buttons, customize their appearance, link them to other pages, and choose the time they will appear in the video.

Rich Videos

Edit videos that already include chapters, slides, or captions and make them more polished and professional with the addition of interactivity using the Kaltura Interactive Video Editor.

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Trimming and Clip Creation

Trim or create multiple clips from a single video. Each clip will get its own embed code and metadata, while remaining associated with the original video. Trimming tools are available both to administrators and site users. You can also chop and splice, using the Interactive Video Editor to quickly and easily remove pieces from the middle of your media, for a more polished result.

Captions Editor

Add captions and translations to your video with Kaltura’s Captions & Enrichment Services. Easily alter captioning, transcripts or translations, whether created in Kaltura or not with an easy-to-use editor and ensure accessibility, improved SEO and content discoverability.

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