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Built with the utmost flexibility in mind, the Kaltura Video Content Management System is the underlying platform for our out-of-the-box video products. Our video CMS is a centralized video content management solution for ingesting, managing, publishing, distributing and analyzing media content to power every video use case and put your organization at the cutting edge of digital transformation.

Media management from A to Z

Perform bulk ingestion and upload, create transcoding profiles, manage metadata and categories, design and configure players, edit videos, view analytics, distribute content across the web, configure ad campaigns, control access to media, manage your account, your users, entitlements and permissions, and much more – all in one powerful and intuitive video CMS.

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Video content management system (Video CMS)

Beautiful viewing experiences

Kaltura’s video content management platform offers users the ability to choose from our many Player options or design and configure their own. The Kaltura Player is light-weight, accessible, and customizable. It boasts ultra-fast loading times, beautiful playback and branded experiences, rich analytics and optimal viewing on any device.

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Searchable & accessible videos

Enrich your videos with human or automatic captioning, transcription, translation, audio description and other services available with Kaltura’s video content management solution. Make your videos easy to find, engaging, and in compliance with accessibility standards for maximum inclusion. Manage all of these services with a single unified video CMS solution.

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Increase Comprehension & Engagement

Integrated into Your existing platforms

Our video content management solution provides the ability to seamlessly integrate video into your existing or future systems and workflows, whether it’s your LMS/VLE, Teams, Zoom, Webex, marketing automation, data systems, or any one of our innovative technology partners. So, your video solutions can always grow, change and extend – as your organization’s video needs evolve.

Video CMS Integrated into Your Existing Platforms

Make sense of your video data

Access more data, at higher granularity, and with greater insight into viewer behavior, content performance and delivery – all built into Kaltura’s video content management system and available via our Advanced Video Analytics dashboards. Use specialized tools such as heatmaps, engagement funnel, compare modes, and unique engagement measures, so you can make the complex, simple.

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Case Studies

  • dupont_1-01
    “It allows us to manage our assets in a controllable way that allows us to find them and allows us to reuse them and republish them as necessary”
    Steve Zuckerman, Global Product Manager for e-Learning DuPont Sustainable Solutions
  • st marys case study livestreaming live events during pandemic
    “That’s what Kaltura was to us…It wasn’t just an instructional classroom gadget, it wasn’t a camera for lecture capture only, it was really a platform first”
    Jeff Schomburg, Executive Director of Academic Technologies, St. Mary’s University
  • sap testimonial
    “We’re heavily using transcription services like REACH and as part of that we’ve seen expected benefits and some unanticipated benefits”
    Barbara Sokolov, Director of Internal Experience, Web & Digital Services at SAP
  • Thomson-Reuters-casestudy-header
    “What I like about Kaltura is the people. The other thing is just the crazy amount of solutions you have in one place.”
    Melanie Crowsey – Digital Media Producer, Thomson Reuters

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