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Kaltura Meetings

Video conferencing for the modern workplace

Launch engaging collaboration spaces in a click. With an interactive whiteboard, shared notes, chat, and shared content playlist, online meetings are not only efficient, they’re fun! Collaboration spaces are always available, so you can come back to the conversation exactly where you left off. Whether you’re brainstorming, conducting weekly meetings with customers, or working as a task force – Kaltura Meetings will help you work better together.

Be There in a Click

One click to join virtual collaboration spaces where team members interact face-to-face from anywhere and on any device. Even guests! No installations or downloads required.

Continue Right Where You Left Off

With persistent collaboration spaces, meeting hosts can prepare their rooms in advance, customize and brand them, leave, come back, and continue where they left off – perfect for continuous online meetings or recurring events.

Work Better Together

Collaboration tools like digital whiteboards, shared meeting notes, and chat keep teams focused and actively engaged in the conversation.

Share Your Work

Share your entire screen or an application, upload shared files and presentations, and watch videos in HD together in every video meeting. .

Integrated With Your Existing Systems

Integrated into Microsoft Teams, user management (SSO), and other platforms and workflows so you can kick start your video conference meeting from anywhere!

Never Miss a Meeting

With cloud recording that goes directly into your Kaltura Video Portal, automatic transcription, editing, and analytics, team members can quickly catch up on video meetings they missed.

“So with Meeting Solution, it really provides a greater opportunity to have that sort of high level of interaction with the learner and really brings home just a more robust learning experience.”

Melanie Crowsey

Digital Media Producer, Thomson Reuters


  • Video Meetings

  • Team Collaboration

  • Online Meetings with Customers

  • Brainstorming Sessions

  • Partner Updates

  • Video Meetings

  • Team Collaboration

  • Online Meetings with Customers

  • Brainstorming Sessions

  • Partner Updates

  • Cutting Edge Video Conferencing

    • Browser-based (WebRTC) meeting, no download or installation needed

    • Screen sharing

    • Telephony

    • Active speaker focus

  • Interactive Features for Real-Time Collaboration

    • Attendee chat

    • HD video playback

    • Collaborative whiteboards

    • Shared notetaking that can be downloaded

    • Shared content playlists for files, videos, presentations, and more

  • Collaboration Spaces for Continuous Teamwork

    • Integrated with Microsoft Teams or LTI supported viewing within the LMS

    • Persistent rooms

    • Brandable look & feel

    • Seamless cloud recording automatically shared in a dedicated team channel

    • Continue the conversation with time-based comments

  • Enrichment and Sharing Tools

    • Captions, transcriptions, and translations

    • Session analytics and attendance information

    • Intelligent VOD search with AI-based automatic captioning and advanced metadata

    • Reuse content with video editing and chapters

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