Enterprise Social Business Video Suite

Build a corporate culture with video

Today’s employees communicate with video in their personal lives. Give them the tools to bring that sense of engagement, immediacy, and personal attention to their professional communications. Make video one more powerful tool within your existing social business system.

What Does Kaltura Add to the Social Business Platform?

Kaltura Enterprise Social Business Video Suite enables employees to easily record, upload, manage, edit, clip, publish, and share high-quality video content that displays beautifully on any device, anywhere. And it’s all within the Social Business environment.

Easily Discoverable, Easily Secured

When video is centralized in the platform they already use, employees can easily create and share video content with the entire organization. Information can be shared and relationships built across departments, locations, and even borders. At the same time, permission sets based on the social business system’s user management ensures that every video can only be viewed by authorized users.

Easily Discoverable, Easily Secured

Making Video More Powerful

With Kaltura, employees get a powerful tool to make their videos more engaging. From synched slides to automated caption to in-video search, Kaltura helps employees enrich their video so they can pack more information in and make it easier for their colleagues to find. Video becomes not just informative, but fun!

Social Business Platforms Supported

  • Jive Video Connector

  • Video Extension for IBM Connections
    IBM logo

  • Kaltura Video for Microsoft Teams

  • Jive Video Connector

    Kaltura’s Video Connector for Jive adds video capabilities for employees to use directly from within Jive. It can be a connector for Jive custom (hosted or on-premises) versions 6 and 7 and a video app for Jive custom and Jive cloud.

  • Video Extension for IBM Connections

    Kaltura’s Video Extension for IBM Connections creates a seamless user experience that empowers employees with intuitive video tools directly from within IBM Connections.

  • Integrating Kaltura Video with Microsoft Teams

    Kaltura Video for Microsoft Teams

    Empower your employees to make video a major component of their collaboration. Seamlessly create and share videos, watch company webcasts, build video galleries, and more, all within your Teams environment.

Key Features

  • Kaltura Key Features- Easy Video Creation for User-Generated Content (UGC)

    Easy Video Creation Tools for User-Generated Content (UGC)

    • Create rich media for User-Generated Content (UGC) from the desktop

    • Upload videos from anywhere: personal files, company libraries, and even YouTube

  • Editing and Enrichment Tools for More Powerful Video

    • Edit media by clipping, adding chapters, uploading captions, and managing thumbnails

    • Social features encourage liking, sharing, and commenting for a culture of collaboration and engagement

    • Advanced analytics monitor usage

  • Leverage Your Social Business Platform to Do More

    • Full support for existing roles, user management, and metadata

    • Customize to fit your existing workflows

    • Integrate capabilities into your Social Business platform; no need for staff to learn additional platforms

    • Ensure video content accessibility (see Kaltura’s Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT), issued by Level Access)

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