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Kaltura Podcasts provides a mobile-first experience for enterprise podcasts and vodcasts, with easy publishing and management controls directly from within the Kaltura Video Portal. Users can watch, listen, and subscribe to their favorite internal podcasts channels or create their own playlists, right within their company podcast platform. With easy search & discovery of content, playful inspiration suggestions and push notifications, Kaltura Podcasts helps users boost productivity, maximize learning time, or simply be entertained and inspired wherever they are.


Available for both iOS and Android.

Anyone Can Be a Podcaster

Create, upload, or edit episodes and channel playlists in your Kaltura video portal or directly in the mobile app with powerful content creation tools.

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Tune In Wherever You Are

With offline viewing, background playing and continuous playback, you can catch up on important internal company podcasts uninterrupted while you’re doing other things or during your commute.

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Never Miss Out

Subscribe and get updated when new and exciting content is available in your subscription channel. New content will be featured as it comes out, so you never miss out.

Never Miss Out Podcasts

Always Something New

Go exploring for new content with powerful search capabilities or dedicated playlists such as Most Popular and Recently Added.

Always Something New Podcasts

Your Video Portal on the Go

Kaltura Podcasts is synced with the Kaltura Video Portal web experience. Secure access via SSO and branding options provide a seamless transition experience from one device to another, so users can pick up where they left­ off.

Your Video Portal on the Go Podcasts

Kaltura Podcasts Can be Used For:

  • Learning & Education

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Knowledge Sharing

  • Corporate Communications

  • Organizational Updates

  • Learning & Education

    Listen or watch lectures and presentations on the go

  • Employee Onboarding

    Onboarding and training content that can be accessed in any location

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Streaming user generated series on the go for knowledge sharing by subject matter experts

  • Corporate Communications

    Executive updates that can be shared with every employee

  • Organizational Updates

    Share updates from events and activities with a broad audience

Key Features

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    Content Creation

    • Capture video and upload directly from your mobile device or desktop

    • Reuse content already available in your Kaltura Video Portal

    • Create interactive podcasts with features such as video quiz and hotspots

    • Launch dedicated, moderated podcast channels managed via your Kaltura Video Portal

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    Management & Customization

    • Support for SSO and MDM solutions

    • Brandable apps and support for enterprise app store

    • Deep links to drive viewership on the native app

    • Advanced metadata structures for easier management

    • Captioning, transcription, and translation

    • Advanced audience analytics for tracking interest and drop off

    • Control offline viewing and session timeout based on your organization policy

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    Streamlined & Secure Organization  

    • Native Android and iOS apps

    • Tune in to on-demand audio and video content as well as live streams

    • Subscribe to your favorite channels

    • Download content for offline viewing, only on WIFI or anytime

    • Change playback speed so you can watch and listen at your own pace

    • Listen in the background and enjoy uninterrupted continuous playback between episodes

    • Resume playback and pick up where you left off

    • Share, like, and comment

    • Search content or tune in to playlists like Most Popular and Recently Added

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