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Educational Video That Simply Works

Power Your Campus with Video

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Make education more interactive, engaging, and accessible. Kaltura offers the broadest set of  video management and creation tools on the market, tightly integrated with every LMS. From flipped classrooms to live sports broadcasts, Kaltura powers the latest trends in education. Staff and students can easily create, upload, edit, manage, publish, discover and deliver high quality video to any device, live or on demand. See how video can drive interaction, build community, boost creativity, extend your reach, and even improve learning results.

Create Everywhere, Manage Once

With a single video portal Kaltura MediaSpace, you can centralize all your video content in a single, easy-to-manage repository. Create classroom capture and webcast recordings with a lecture capture system and a webcasting solution built right into the platform. Enable educators and students to make their own videos with a Personal Video Capture tool, upload as single files or in batches, and even link from YouTube. Add video messages to emails, and cut through inbox clutter. All your content can be kept in one place, making it easier to share across departments while still controlling access.


Purpose Built for Education (1)

Interactive Video Education Tools for More Powerful Teaching

Enrich your videos to make for a more engaging and discoverable experience. Add captions, interactive branches based on viewers’ choicesinteractive video quizzes, chapters, advanced metadata, and more.

Integrated with the Systems You Already Use

Kaltura integrates with all the major Learning Management Systems/Video Learning Environments, as well as leading content management systems, so you can seamlessly add video to the tools your users depend on.

Advanced Learning Analytics (1)

Open Platform for Flexibility

No black boxes, no proprietary formats: Kaltura embraces open standards because the only one who should determine what you can do with your data is you. With a platform built on APIs, Kaltura offers the ultimate in customization and flexibility.

Accessible by Design (1)

  • "I think in this day and age, the people we’re trying to communicate with, they enjoy and understand messaging that comes to them through this medium."
    Dr. Thomas Greene, Provost, University of Portland
  • "To be forward thinking, as a face-to-face or an online instructor, you need to provide diverse rich media content to students."
    Russ Lichterman, Education Technology Specialist, Wilmington University
  • "Our partnership with Kaltura means that we can offload some of the technology evolution that we were trying to do ourselves."
    Wendy Collins, VP Digital Strategy, Infobase Learning
  • "Since we have made Kaltura available, it’s spread like wildfire across the university to all departments."
    Will Rourk, Digital Media Specialist, UVA Library

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