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Kaltura LMS Video Plugins

Seamlessly add video to your Learning Management System or Virtual Learning Environment

Video boosts engagement, collaboration, community, and learning results. Enable video in every use case across campus, including lecture capture, blended or flipped classrooms, video assignments, and video quizzes by making video easy to use directly within your LMS or VLE.

What Does Kaltura Add to the LMS?

Kaltura LMS video plugins enable teachers, students, and administrators to easily record, upload, manage, edit, clip, transcode, publish, and deliver high-quality video content that displays beautifully on any device, anywhere.

Kaltura online virtual classroom

Making the Most of Video

Kaltura does more than just simply adding videos, though. With Kaltura, educators get a powerful tool to make their videos more engaging and effective. From interactive video quizzing to automated captioning to in-video search and advanced metadata, Kaltura takes video beyond a passive experience to become an accessible, discoverable, accountable tool for learning.

From Lecture Capture to User-Generated Content

Kaltura not only accepts video from everywhere — from lecture capture hardware to YouTube — it also features its own powerful video capture tools. Whether a software-based lecture capture solution for the classroom or a personal capture tool for students and staff to use at their own desks and homes, Kaltura makes it easy to create video content and manage it all from one place.

LMS Platforms Supported

  • Video Building Block for Blackboard

  • Brightspace Video Extension

  • Canvas Video App

  • Kaltura Video Package for Moodle

  • Sakai Video Tool

  • Video Building Block for Blackboard

    This Video Building Block for Blackboard easily adds video to your Blackboard Learn or Blackboard Learn Ultra environment.


  • Brightspace Video Extension

    Bring video to life in your Brightspace by D2L environment.


  • Canvas Video App

    With the Video App, seamlessly add advanced video capabilities to your Canvas environment.


  • Kaltura Video Package for Moodle

    The Kaltura Video Package for Moodle seamlessly integrates video into your Moodle environment.


  • Sakai Video Tool

    Seamlessly add video to your Sakai environment with the Kaltura Sakai Video Tool for Sakai.


Key Features

  • Easy Video Creation

    • Create video via webcam and screen capture, or use Personal Video Capture, Kaltura’s end-to-end video capture solution for easy personal capture, or even our full-blown Lecture Capture solution

    • Add preexisting video from personal files, institution libraries, and even YouTube

  • Greater Tools for Interactivity

  • Powerful Video Organization

    • Organize media in a personal media repository, course galleries, or a shared faculty repository

    • Publish as part of a course gallery, video assignment, test, announcement, blog, or more

    • Streamline video management, so students and teachers can upload and manage their own videos without a central media team

  • Get More from Your LMS/VLE

    • Secure media files using LMS/VLE permissioning

    • Use Kaltura’s tier 1 hosting and CDN to give students a high-quality viewing experience and prevent your LMS from stalling under the weight of video files

    • IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Certified

    • Caliper compliant

    • Accessible—see Kaltura’s Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT) issued by Level Access

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