Winning Subscribers with Cloud TV Content Aggregation & B2B2C Strategy


With over 5,300 streaming services existing globally, Cloud TV providers of all kinds are finding it increasingly difficult to gain market share, create new demand for their services, and retain subscribers. But even in such a complex environment, there is room for success stories and disruptive business models.

Join this fireside chat to hear first-hand how Watch Brasil implemented a revolutionary B2B2C content aggregation model in a heavily crowded market with thousands of ISPs eager to offer Cloud TV services. You will learn how they became a key partner for regional ISPs, local services, and global streaming giants alike and how they add value to these players nowadays, reselling more than 8,000 hours of local and international VOD titles and linear TV channels.

Join us to discover:

  • Ways for new Cloud TV services to successfully enter new markets and expand their audience reach
  • How a B2B2C business model can become a winning approach for content aggregators
  • The advantages of offering Cloud TV services to increase the attractiveness of ISPs and telcos’ bundled offerings



  • Maurício Almeida, Director & Co-Founder, Watch Brasil
    Maurício Almeida
    Co-Founder, Watch Brasil
  • Brandon Topping, Head of Media OVP, Kaltura
    Brandon Topping
    Broadcasters & Publishers Segment Lead, Media and Telecom, Kaltura
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