Is Your Video Infrastructure Ready for Re-Opening the Office? (Americas)


One thing’s for certain, in the last couple months we’ve all started using a lot more video. But as your area starts to reopen (and possibly re-close, and re-re-open), is your company ready for the increased demands that come with higher video use? As your workers return to the office the balance of 2020, they will bring with them a new understanding of how video can be used to foster enhanced engagement and productivity. Now is the time to get ready to support that.

Join us for a webinar that focuses on the backend of making sure your employees have a quality video experience without swamping your systems. We’ll discuss:

  • How to tell if your network, both in and out of the office, is ready to handle this traffic when you come back
  • What to do if some locations are back in the office while others remain working from home
  • How to measure the trends and impact of video usage
  • What to do with information about video reach, video quality and event statistics like geographic location, customer site and even individual viewer experience
  • How to help your users leverage this information to make their video communications more successful

It’s time to level up your video infrastructure!


  • Aaron Magnani
    Strategic Partner Development, Hive Streaming
  • Sean McMann
    Director of Sales, Enterprise and Learning, Kaltura
Watch the Webinar