API Driven Video Platform – The Key to Scalability and Flexibility


Scalability and flexibility can make or break your online video success. When putting an online video plan in place for your organization, you want to be certain that you will be able to accommodate adoption and usage, increasing content quantity and quality, and any new features you may need.
Join this webinar to learn the fundamentals of API-driven online video solutions and how you can leverage this to gain scalability, flexibility, and control of end-user experience. Avoid potentially slow, risky, and error prone manual deployments by using the Kaltura API to fully automate your cluster deployments and upgrades. See how you could plan and execute a video platform that better fits your needs and have more influence on how your users experience online video.


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    Zohar Babin
    Managing Director; Platform, Ecosystem and Community, Kaltura
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    Jess Portnoy
    Packaging Lead and Technical Community Manager, Kaltura
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    Michael Dale
    Director of Product, Kaltura
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