Kaltura at Streaming Media West Connect 2021Kaltura at Streaming Media West Connect 2021

That Skinny Bundle Isn’t So Skinny Anymore


High prices and lack of choice have traditionally been consumers’ constant complaints about the cable bundle. Essentially, paying for channels they did not necessarily want. But since streaming services entered the TV arena, people have been flooded with choices. Yes, they control their media diet and do not want to give it up, but they also sometimes feel overwhelmed by so many titles to pick and choose from.

How do streaming services reconcile not going back to a lack of choice with granting users access to all shows, movies, series, and events they want in a single place? Which types of aggregation services will emerge as we advance? Are vMVPds with larger bundles falling into the same challenges as traditional cable bundles when aggregating more and more content at the expense of their prices going up?

Join the discussion and hear what experts from Roku, FrndlyTV, Interpret, and Kaltura have to say to avoid the mistakes that turned viewers away from the traditional cable bundle.

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