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Seize the Moment: Livecasting on Campus


How often is your campus sharing what’s going on?

The world is moving to a live, in-progress, join-me-now mentality. Every day, amazing things are happening on your campus—guest lecturers, presidential addresses, student presentations, and more. Imagine the ability to webcast live events and streams on short notice, showcasing the best your institution has to offer, in real time.

Come join us and discover how you can use live streaming and webcasting to broadcast your events to a much wider audience—alumni, parents, multiple campuses, and the global community. Get the real deal on what you actually need to create a high quality broadcast, and get some insider tips on how to make sure your event runs smoothly.
Why let the excitement end at the border of campus? It’s time to get on with the show!


  • Justin Beck
    Justin Beck
    SVP Global Enterprise & Education Sales, Kaltura
  • Renan Gutman
    Renan Gutman
    Director of Product Enterprise and Education, Kaltura
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