Beyond Video Accessibility: Revamp Academic Performance with Searchable Captions


According to a recent SFSU research, students who leverage captioned video achieve a full GPA increase over students who do not utilize captions. Join this webinar to learn how video captioning affects student academic performance. Many resources go into making high quality accessible educational content available in the academic environment, and we will focus our discussion on how to make the most of our captioned content – achieve full government compliance while extending your video shelf life, making your content easily searchable, and significantly improving SEO.

During the webinar we will demonstrate how to add Kaltura REACH captions and media data to your media. Join to see:

  • A review of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • Making videos accessible to English as a 2nd language (ESL) viewers
  • Creating searchable video content
  • Transcript downloading
  • Integrations into existing video platforms
  • Use cases in education, best practices, and success stories


  • Justin Beck
    Justin Beck
    VP Education, Kaltura
  • Default image speaker
    Jeff Stieber
    VP Sales, cielo24
  • Default image speaker
    Brian Plackis Cheng
    CEO, cielo24
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